Friday, July 9, 2010

Party Pictures

Lauren had a great birthday party. She had some little friends come and both her grandparents. She seemed to really enjoy herself and the cake of course.
Once again we had Dora! Two years in a row.
Rob and my dad went and picked up the cake. When Rob saw it there was icing running down the side and it looked really bad. The woman working looked at each other like the knew it which was even worse.. Rob asked about the messy icing and they made him a whole new cake. It was a really a great cake and was cute but Dora and Diego fell over when he brought it home, oh well.
Nana and Jaden. Isn't my moms dress so cute? She has some great taste if I may say so (:

I bought this Toucan Pinata. I almost bought Dora but she was $20 I could not fathom throwing her away after a few hits.
Lauren and her Nana
Lauren with Nana B and Grandpa B
Doesn't Drew have the cutest big brown eyes?
He is my snuggle bug I hope he never changes.

Lauren was all business here, she doesn't mess around.
I think she had a great birthday!!


  1. Love it!! She is just beautiful and I think she's going to be your star softball player for sure! :) And your Mom is precious....I see where you get your beauty from! Looks she had a fun party!

  2. What a great mom you are! Lauren is growing up so fast, I know that no matter how the cake looked, she was so happy it was Dora! (p.s. I will eat any kind of cake, no matter what it looks like, LOL) Wish her a happy birthday for me! Your mom is 'beautiful'.....she looks so young, youthful and has great taste, if I were her size, I would be wearing cute lil dresses also. I am too much of a cowgirl with scars! I know where you get your beauty from ~ your mother!

    I hope Drew continues to be a snuggler.....He looks just like you! Your children are beautiful, you should be proud! Don't forget to take care of yourself, so you can take care of them. One night out a week or two 'out' would be good for you! Hot Bath, with the door closed and a good book is better every other night...ok, I will quit! Just reminding you my dear friend! :)

  3. She is precious. She looks like she could totally play softball soon!

  4. Looks like such a great and fun birthday party! Lauren's cake is so cute. I love the photo of her 'all business' working for that candy! :)


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