Friday, July 16, 2010

dining room table

I have been looking for a new table for a while. I used to have a glass one that I got when we first got married. It was kind of a weird table but was really neat when all the wrought iron and glass was in, think 9-10yrs ago it was not practical at all for kids. I wanted something that was larger to fit our whole family and something we actually could use for holidays or when friends came over. I looked off Craigslist over and over and I actually found this one. I went out and looked at it and asked if they would take $100 for all which was a table and 6 chairs!!. She originally wanted $150 but it did have some bigger scratches. That was already cheap but it was just sitting in the garage and it was one of those situations where they just want it gone. So I asked and she said sure. It was such a tight fit getting all of this in my mini van a.k.a The Marshmallow. She has served me so well!! Thank God woman have such good Tetrus skills we fit it all in without a inch to spare. I took it home used my gel stain, which I love. It took most of scratches out of sight. I like it!! For now it works and if I get a new one in a few years I can sell this one for the same amount I am sure. It looks much more relaxed now. This looks super cluttered but I like the Parsons chairs on the ends. I am not leaving them in there for now though because I have to many chair in here. Did I say I like chairs

The table is really good quality and it even has a nice leaf that can make it even bigger.
Another Craigslist find were these chairs. I like the look of the covered dining chairs. I got them both for $20 and then found some decent covers from Sure Fit.
They are ugly underneath but they are comfortable and you can use them in a lot of different rooms.
Just wanted to share my super cheap Craigslist finds with you all. I have so much enjoyment fixing things up and decorating. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That is a great deal, Katie!! Love it!

  2. That is a great deal, Katie!! Love it!


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