Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day at the park

I am getting behind on a lot of my pictures but these were from a while back and I really like them. There is a really nice park not far from our house. The boys love to go fishing there and hiking. There are lots of little fish that pick your bait right off and there are a few bass. The boys usually catch something. We all really enjoy fishing, it is so relaxing.

On our hike, see Lauren trying to catch up in the back,lol

I really like this one. Lauren wants to be so much like her big brothers. Everyday she wants to wear this Reds shirt and a baseball hat. She recently got a pink OSU jersey that she carried around for the whole day and threw herself on the ground in a full rage when we put it away.

My boys are so funny, they just crack each other up. They are becoming little men and it is so fun to watch them.. They get on each others nerves one minute and they are best friends the next. They are my Two Grumpy Old Men (think the movie)

I love taking pictures at the park, the lighting is good, the green is so pretty. We all love the park.
Today I am thanking God for the many blessing I have. To often I get caught up in life and have a pity party for myself if things don't go ideal. I have been blessed more then I deserve with the love of a heavenly father and family. It is what I always dreamed and prayed about. God is so good!


  1. Wow... what a gorgeous park! It's beautiful. Love all the photos of the kids. How cute that Lauren has her hand up on Jaden... that is adorable! :)


  2. Your day at the park sounds like it was so fun! Love that Lauren wants to be just like her 'grumpy old men' brothers. The kids are so cute : ) I love seeing them happy!

    God is good. Great attitude Katie!

  3. great pics...those boys look like they are having LOTS of fun!

  4. the park looks beautiful and FUN. Hope all is well with you.

  5. I love those pictures, especially the one of the boys looking at each other and laughing. That is so cute! How neat to have a place to go fishing nearby!

    I am trying to not take for granted my blessings either!

  6. Beautiful pics! Molly does the same thing with certain items! I love the grumpy old men comment!


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