Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

We took the boys to the Reds game on Thursday. Rob's mom came and watched Lauren. We thought she would have more fun with Nana which she did. Hard to have a little one sit through a whole game. It was fun to have time with the boys even though we missed Lauren. Rob is such a huge baseball so this was a great day for him.

At one of the team shops
The boys are really getting into baseball and collecting baseball cards.

It was really sunny and hot but a great day!
Love this picture!!
We got to the game early thanks to Rob telling me over and over we needed to get there early to watch BP and maybe get a ball. We did get there early and guess what Jaden did get a ball!!

This guy right here one of the Reds pitchers. Looked right at Rob and through it over for Jaden. It was really nice of him and it made Jaden (I mean Rob's day)

Here he is with his ball!!
Drew got a little antsy so we took a walk they had some Wii's set up and a play area which is really nice when your kids need a break. See Drew in there?
Drew didn't' want to take this picture at first but then he was glad he did. Then he wanted to take my picture with him.

The Red's won and they are still in first place, they lost last night though. Hope they can keep up the good work. Cincinnati is such a nice area and such a awesome stadium.

Cool place to take pictures. What a fun day we had. We ate Cracker Barrel on the way home, can't go bad there. Hope your having a nice weekend.


  1. OMGoodness, you guys look like you had so much fun! I hate the heat, that is only because I am getting older, lOL..... I am sure Lauren had a great time too! Thanks for shaing the pictures and your day at the game!

  2. Too cute! I am sure our husbands could talk baseball for a long time :)

  3. Looks like such a fun time! I love that the baseball player threw the ball over. That is so awesome and something I bet Jaden will remember forever!


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