Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mail truck on fire

What a scary event we had yesterday. Around 2:00 we were all sitting down watching a movie when we heard a explosion sound. It was loud but not really loud. I almost thought it was the air conditioner coming on, you know that big bang it makes sometimes? Jaden looks out the window and says the mail truck is on fire, look at the smoke? I look out the window and the mail truck is in huge flames. I ran to the phone and called 911. Apparently they already got a call and she told me they are on there way. It was a horrible feeling I thought our mail man was in the mail truck being burnt to death. My other good neighbor came around and she was crying because we thought it just exploded with him in it and there was nothing we could do since it was engulfed in flames. The kids and I prayed that he got out and was safe. I went to go outside and my other neighbor is yelling to get in the house they though it was going to explode more. The fireman came about 5 min later and took all the fire out, meanwhile I found out the mail man was fine!! He went to deliver a package at my friends house shown here, and he went back to the truck and something was not right. That is when it is caught on fire 2 min later. I was so worried he had died and then so worried that a house was going to catch on fire. Thank God it all ended okay. I told the mailman who actually was not our normal mailman that God is watching over him and today was not his day. Can you imagine??

Not something you see everyday!!


  1. That is CRAZY!!! Thank the Lord he was okay! How scary!!!!

  2. That is crazy! I am so glad that he was not in there! The Lord definitely was watching out for him!

  3. OH MY! I bet that was SO scary! Glad everyone was OK....

  4. Oh my goodness Katie! That sounds like quite a situation! I'm so glad that everyone is ok! Hopefully there wasn't too many lost packages and mail! Can you imagine if that truck was full of tax return checks?

    Have a great weekend! Haven't seen you in so long....we need to connect soon!!



  5. Oh my GOODNESS, Katie! What a dramatic day for your neighborhood. Thank GOD the mailman is okay. The photo of that mail truck is just unbelievable.

    So glad everyone is okay, though. Wishing you (and your neighborhood) lots of peace this weekend!

  6. OMGosh....this is horrible, but so thankful that the good Lord saved the mail man. Did they ever know what caused the fire? How about your mail? I have NEVER seen this happen, expecially on a government owned vehicle! I am so thankful you guys are safe, that everyone is safe! Give the kids a hug, they are so precious!

  7. you don't see that everyday-

    sandy toe

  8. Oh my goodness... that is crazy! Thank God nobody was hurt. Definitely something you don't see everyday!


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