Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I survived the terrible two's,almost!

We are almost out of it and I am seriously praising God. This has been a rough year with my precious adorable baby girl. Yes she is darn cute but don't let that fool you. I used think I had this parenting stuff figured out. I am embarrassed to say that I seemed more of a know it all back in the day. I guess God knows what He is doing when he humbles you. Every toddler behavior or demonstration you have ever heard of or seen my Lauren Grace has done. This year she flushed things down the toilet, drew on walls, broke things, ripped books, locked herself in a fitting room at TJMaxx (and laughed) ran through isles, got out of her car seat while driving down the highway, spilled a whole gallon of milk, had numerous displays of exorcism like behaviours at many stores (: okay you laughing yet? I have survived though. I have learned to relax a lot more and give other moms some credit for really trying and not to judge as easy. I have been filled with more patience, and have been humbled. Parenting is no joke, it is so hard. I have had many days of crying out to God wondering if I could make it though another day. Right when I thought I had it all figured out I realized I didn't at all.
Lauren will be 3yrs old in less then a month. She is really changing these last couple months. My little terrible two is turning into a delightful person. Now we still have our moments but I am really seeing her blossom into a little girl. She has little friends now that she likes and loves other kids. She plays well with others and she is a good sharer. She is potty trained and has good manors. I am really proud of her. She is strong willed and I know she has to fight that sometimes to please us. She is trying though. The other night she gave me a hug and a kiss which is rare. She likes to be hugged but doesn't have a lot of affection (mostly for daddy). At bedtime she said "Mommy, kiss." "Mommy, I love you" I have to tell you that I cried. I felt like she is finally understanding how much I do love her and that I am just trying to help her. I know one day her independent attitude and go getter personality is going to help her. She is a amazing little girl who God has let me borrow for a short time. It has made me reflect on trying my best to be a great mom. Not a perfect mom but a understanding and grateful one. It is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel some days but they all will be older soon and before I know it graduating. I can already feel the Empty Nest is going to be hard on me. It is neat to see God use your own children to change you to make you a better more compassionate person. Thank you God for disciplining and molding me just how you want me to be. To use this for your glory!

Miss Sassy. As hard as she can be at times she wakes up happy every morning and hugs me. She likes to color and she greats her daddy when he gets home from work like a movie scene. Her eyes are like diamonds when light hits them and she smiles as big as the world. People love her and notice her. She is really special!


  1. I have loved watching her grow up over this past year! I love that picture of her in the last picture. I tried to get that dress for Lily one day, but they were out of her size :(

  2. she sure is gorgeous!!! :) Glad you're almost out of the rough patch!

  3. Hi Katie,

    I'm glad things are settling down with Lauren for you! I've always heard that girls are harder to raise than boys!

    I would like to come over and see your house soon! Maybe we can go saleing soon?

    My car ended up with so much repairs needed that we're going to look at getting a new car. That's what I've got going on. Other than that, I can go saleing whenever you are available. Let me know!!


  4. Such a tough age. Isaac has 4 months to go in the 2's but I'm fearing for the "Trying 3's". Caleb is just entering the Terrible 2's but he's not quite as difficult. Having spirited children can be quite the chore. You've done an amazing job with your 3 kids. You're a great Mom.


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