Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Butterflies

We bought this kit back at Christmas and we finally went ahead and ordered our caterpillars. What a neat metamorphosis for kids and adults to see. It is amazing them come in a little box with little caterpillars. We had a few deaths but three lived. Then they climb to the top and make chrysalises and hang upside down for about a week. Next things you know....
They burst from the chrysalis and we had three butterflies flying around. You should have seen Drew's face when he saw them flying around. The kids loved it!! We decided to let them go within a day or two so they could enjoy a life of freedom, apparently they only live 3 weeks.

The butterflies were sweet and friendly and seemed to like to be held. So if your kids have seen this commercial and want these I would say it was worth it. I love doing activities where the kids can learn and see God's beauty. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Katie,

    What nice pictures. Looks like your kids had fun and probably learned a lot in the process. This brings back delightful memories! My (now 20 yr old) son had a butterfly garden when he was younger. We watched many a butterfly emerge from their chrysalis and loved every moment.



  2. What a neat thing to see!! Glad you let them go in the beautiful outdoors.♥

  3. How neat! My girls have both done those at school and they really thought it was neat too!

  4. OH..that is so fun...we have done that before and it's amazing to watch-
    sandy toe


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