Monday, June 21, 2010

Godly Man

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and father's Day with your family. We sure did and I am so thankful to my wonderful husband, and father to my kids for giving them a example of what it means to be a dad.
Saturday Jaden had a game and I had the privilege to sit down beside Mr. Ken above. I have seen him at the games when he comes to cheer on his granddaughter. He is always so sweet and nice to Lauren. I have always thought there was something special about him. He was telling me on Sat about his ankle and how God was healing him. I knew at that moment I was dealing with a man of God. Now before this I had that sense in my spirit when you meet someone and you are instantly drawn to them. He is one of those people. I asked him how long he has been a Christian and he said 1975. I thought I would share some of our conversation since it blessed my heart. He grew up in Ohio on a farm, joined the military and was drafted into the Air Force the same day. He used to take night shot photography to see bombs in Korea. He said they would fly so close to those trees he would pee himself. They would drop flairs that would light up the sky and then take the photo from what I could understand. He said it was a scary time and that he would cry out to God but not really know him. He saw horrible things and someone he worked with ended his own life. He doesn't try to remember all what he saw. I never found out how he met his wife but he did tell me his testimony. He and his wife have four children. While they were younger a bus from a church would take the kids to church each Sunday. He and his wife would stay home. He was in his garden one day and was planting seeds. He said at that moment he knew that God existed and that really nothing was his and that God was in control of making plants grow. Around that time his wife said she thought they should go to church. So he said he reluctantly went and they had a argument on the way. He said he sat in the lat pew. He didn't even realize it but during the sermon he got up and next thing he knew he was at the alter asking Jesus into his life. Since then he is a changed man. It was such a joy to talk to a man that is truly living a life pleasing to God. He shares his faith, and his healing. God has healed him very fast in his hips and ankles where he has had problems. He told me that he tells everyone about his medical issues because the Dr's were so amazed. His own Dr. can't figure out how he has done so well. Ken told his Dr. that he was thankful for such a great Dr. but God healed him. Ken is now a Chaplin for the VFW and does funerals for friends. It always saddens him to see unbelievers that is why he continues to share his faith and plant seeds. He had a friend pass away that was not a believer and he went to the casket and was so sad. He had told this friend about Christ and had many talks with him in the past. During the time at the funeral another friend came up to him and told him that the he had just accepted Christ one week before he had died. He gave God all the glory!!
I told Ken that I bet he has a great wife. He answered with nothing but "The Best!" "I have the best!"
As Christians we are the salt and light and we never know when God is using us. Ken is 77years old and has seen a lot in his life. He has been used by God and is continuing to be used as his vessel. I often think about how God is using me. Often times I get discouraged or wonder what he wants to do with my life. God brought me Ken on saturday to encourage me to make me want to finish the race to keep on being who God has called me to be.It was so nice not to just met someone who was a christian but to actually see the Love of Jesus in them. Thank you Mr. Ken for sharing your life and testimony. I have no doubt you will meet our father and he will say "Well done my Good and Faithful Servant."

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  1. What a wonderful story, Katie!! It is encouraging to remember that every one of us has purpose for this life that we have been given! Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend!


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