Thursday, June 3, 2010

buffet re-do fun, and more...

Hi everyone!! I got this great antique table at a yard sale around the corner from me for $20. It is old but in great shape. I am at the point now where I am out of room for furniture. So now I am getting rid of stuff and selling some of my flips. I am going to keep this one. I decided to get rid of a sofa table that had glass. I am not really into anything glass anymore. My dinning room table will be next to go which is glass and wrought iron. I love wood, painted, stained, shabby you name it.
ta da!!
I moved it here and added some fresh decor for summer
I made this!! I had this awesome old white frame with no glass. I picked it up at a yard sale a long time ago it sat down in my craft area for 2yrs now. I found something similar on another blog and copied. I know I am so original, well sort of. Isn't it neat to see others ideas and your mind goes into creative mode? I just took a piece of cardboard and painted it creamy white and found some shells and glue gunned them on. Simple!! I love natural displays that involve one of my favorite things sea shells.
I found this cute dog at Goodwill. My mom joked with me and said she saw one similar on Antique Roadshow for $40,000. The bottom says made in Brazil. It is unique but probably worth $3. I am so into unique accessories and one of kind pieces.
What a great day I had yesterday!! I turned 31!! My parents came to be with me for the day. They are on the move to PA and they happened to make it to my house on my birthday. We went to Shrek in 3D and went to Olive Garden. While at Shrek a huge storm came though with tornado sirens. No one came and got us in the movie?? A lady sitting behind us told us we might want to take cover. So we got up to leave and missed a few minutes of the very end of the movie. It was raining hard but the tornado threat was gone. At least we were ready. Lauren liked the movie for 30 min, ha ha (Not laughing really) We had fun, 3D is pretty neat. I have lots of pictures to share, great memories the last couple weeks.


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday one day late!!! I love what you did with that buffet - it looks gorgeous!! :)

  2. Yea, happy belated birthday! I love the buffet! And the frame! Molly would have sat for maybe 5 min! How cool that your parents made it just in time!

  3. that's beautiful Katie!! Just like you :)
    miss you still.

  4. What a difference the white paint makes! I love black furniture, too!

  5. Well happy birthday Miss Katie!! Glad you had a good day!

    Your buffet re-do is awesome!! Love it in white!!



  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad you had a GREAT day! Love the table, I have decided to hire you for my shopping buddy, I never can find good deals and to re-decorate like you! Such a gift! You should consider doing this for extra $. You are really good at it! Oh, and the dog, should be worth $50,000! LOL


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