Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long days of summer

Summer can be long for many of us. I love being with my kids but these long days can be to long if you know what I mean. It really breaks up the day to do lots of fun things throughout the week. So far we are having lots of fun but I have already had a few trying days. Days were no one tells you thank you and days that I wish I could be anywhere but a homemaker. Sometimes I struggle with being at home. I really know this is where God wants me and I would not have it any other way. The kids and I are so blessed by Rob and I am so thankful he provides for us. He is doing the right thing, it is just difficult when he works long days or when he travels. I know that this is a season in my life and before I know it will be over and I will miss it so much it will hurt. I just read something in a book that was profound. It was a mother talking about how she made the choice to be home with her kids. It was a unselfish choice that made her feel crazy, lonely and exhausted some days. Many of us can relate!! What she remembers now are the times her kids gave her a unexpected kisses or hugs, or held her hand for no reason other then to show love. Later in life one of her sons died unexpected in young adulthood. She had no regrets and cherished the time that she spent with him when he was a little boy. She hung on to all the memories that she needed to get through each difficult day now. It really touched me. None of us know when our life here on earth will be done. I want to be full of wisdom, patience and guidance during this time with my kids. I want to live a life and be the kind of teacher to them that they will be eternally grateful for. To have memories and know that I did try my best to love them unconditional. The responsibility is really awesome and I am starting to embrace the importance of my job more and more. I want God to define who I am in this world and what his purpose is for me not what the worlds standards should be for me as a mother. I am so thankful to be with them each day they are my greatest gift and joy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mail truck on fire

What a scary event we had yesterday. Around 2:00 we were all sitting down watching a movie when we heard a explosion sound. It was loud but not really loud. I almost thought it was the air conditioner coming on, you know that big bang it makes sometimes? Jaden looks out the window and says the mail truck is on fire, look at the smoke? I look out the window and the mail truck is in huge flames. I ran to the phone and called 911. Apparently they already got a call and she told me they are on there way. It was a horrible feeling I thought our mail man was in the mail truck being burnt to death. My other good neighbor came around and she was crying because we thought it just exploded with him in it and there was nothing we could do since it was engulfed in flames. The kids and I prayed that he got out and was safe. I went to go outside and my other neighbor is yelling to get in the house they though it was going to explode more. The fireman came about 5 min later and took all the fire out, meanwhile I found out the mail man was fine!! He went to deliver a package at my friends house shown here, and he went back to the truck and something was not right. That is when it is caught on fire 2 min later. I was so worried he had died and then so worried that a house was going to catch on fire. Thank God it all ended okay. I told the mailman who actually was not our normal mailman that God is watching over him and today was not his day. Can you imagine??

Not something you see everyday!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pottery Barn Fun!!

I love Pottery Barn!! I had birthday money so I figured I would buy something that I liked. Some fun new accessories. I am loving PB a lot lately. When we were in there last time I loved so much. I love my french inspired things but I also like beachy relaxed looks as well. It is a great style since it seems to go with so much and seems casual enough for families with kids. The only down side is the price. Some of the accessories are not to bad, the quality is really good.
I bought these hurricanes. One was actually from HomeGoods and the Other PB. Then I bought the neat shells. They were not cheap but they were also not cheap shells. They were worth it so many neat styles and so different. I also got the neat sand, it's like little rocks.

I later added two battery operated candles that I got from TJ Maxx. They are so cool, they even came with a remote. So you can turn them on and off easy and don't have to worry about leaving them on. I love accessories, so fun. I love making little displays with natural elements. Is so fun to bring nature in your home.

Godly Man

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and father's Day with your family. We sure did and I am so thankful to my wonderful husband, and father to my kids for giving them a example of what it means to be a dad.
Saturday Jaden had a game and I had the privilege to sit down beside Mr. Ken above. I have seen him at the games when he comes to cheer on his granddaughter. He is always so sweet and nice to Lauren. I have always thought there was something special about him. He was telling me on Sat about his ankle and how God was healing him. I knew at that moment I was dealing with a man of God. Now before this I had that sense in my spirit when you meet someone and you are instantly drawn to them. He is one of those people. I asked him how long he has been a Christian and he said 1975. I thought I would share some of our conversation since it blessed my heart. He grew up in Ohio on a farm, joined the military and was drafted into the Air Force the same day. He used to take night shot photography to see bombs in Korea. He said they would fly so close to those trees he would pee himself. They would drop flairs that would light up the sky and then take the photo from what I could understand. He said it was a scary time and that he would cry out to God but not really know him. He saw horrible things and someone he worked with ended his own life. He doesn't try to remember all what he saw. I never found out how he met his wife but he did tell me his testimony. He and his wife have four children. While they were younger a bus from a church would take the kids to church each Sunday. He and his wife would stay home. He was in his garden one day and was planting seeds. He said at that moment he knew that God existed and that really nothing was his and that God was in control of making plants grow. Around that time his wife said she thought they should go to church. So he said he reluctantly went and they had a argument on the way. He said he sat in the lat pew. He didn't even realize it but during the sermon he got up and next thing he knew he was at the alter asking Jesus into his life. Since then he is a changed man. It was such a joy to talk to a man that is truly living a life pleasing to God. He shares his faith, and his healing. God has healed him very fast in his hips and ankles where he has had problems. He told me that he tells everyone about his medical issues because the Dr's were so amazed. His own Dr. can't figure out how he has done so well. Ken told his Dr. that he was thankful for such a great Dr. but God healed him. Ken is now a Chaplin for the VFW and does funerals for friends. It always saddens him to see unbelievers that is why he continues to share his faith and plant seeds. He had a friend pass away that was not a believer and he went to the casket and was so sad. He had told this friend about Christ and had many talks with him in the past. During the time at the funeral another friend came up to him and told him that the he had just accepted Christ one week before he had died. He gave God all the glory!!
I told Ken that I bet he has a great wife. He answered with nothing but "The Best!" "I have the best!"
As Christians we are the salt and light and we never know when God is using us. Ken is 77years old and has seen a lot in his life. He has been used by God and is continuing to be used as his vessel. I often think about how God is using me. Often times I get discouraged or wonder what he wants to do with my life. God brought me Ken on saturday to encourage me to make me want to finish the race to keep on being who God has called me to be.It was so nice not to just met someone who was a christian but to actually see the Love of Jesus in them. Thank you Mr. Ken for sharing your life and testimony. I have no doubt you will meet our father and he will say "Well done my Good and Faithful Servant."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Butterflies

We bought this kit back at Christmas and we finally went ahead and ordered our caterpillars. What a neat metamorphosis for kids and adults to see. It is amazing them come in a little box with little caterpillars. We had a few deaths but three lived. Then they climb to the top and make chrysalises and hang upside down for about a week. Next things you know....
They burst from the chrysalis and we had three butterflies flying around. You should have seen Drew's face when he saw them flying around. The kids loved it!! We decided to let them go within a day or two so they could enjoy a life of freedom, apparently they only live 3 weeks.

The butterflies were sweet and friendly and seemed to like to be held. So if your kids have seen this commercial and want these I would say it was worth it. I love doing activities where the kids can learn and see God's beauty. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun shell project

This is the before, I have had this picture for a long time. It is not really my style at all but it's really big and fills a wall. I do like the frame. I saw something recently with a large white frame that was huge and was a impact piece but it was $300. So I decided to make this. Another shell picture. I love shells and all things ocean so I thought it would be a good choice to use one of my favorite things, shells.
I really like it. It fills the wall and is light and interesting.
Like it?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beadboard wallpaper

This is the before on my island painted. It is not really in style anymore but I know it actually looked okay. It was a faux finish. I left it since it was okay. I had enough so a few weeks ago I attempted wallpapering for the first time. I bought that bead board wall paper I keep hearing so much about. I wanted the real bead board but by the time Rob would do it it might be a while. I don't say that to be mean at all, but it is hard to get time to do a project that involves measuring and cutting and nailing. He does want to do some of that and those are good winter projects but for now I thought I would just do the couple hour project. I bought the paper at Lowe's for $15 I think. You just measure, wet, paste and cut. I did have to get some tips online how you should put something against the molding before you use your Exacto knife. That would have saved me some time, because I had a couple rips. Once you hold down the paper with a wall paper smoother then cut it cuts smooth. I really like it!!
I have done a lot of changes in here. I went from the reds French country look to more of a cottage look. I really like it!! I think it feels more light and bright. I am on a white dishes kick. I changed the curtains in the back to black and white checked.
It really does look like bead board. I also painted it more of a off white when I was done, you can paint it. It is thick too. Try it out. If I didn't have a tile back splash I would have put it back there with molding. I have big plans for the dream home with my molding addiction some day. For now we are going to start slow and add some here and there I think.
We had such a nice weekend, hope you all did too. Thur was the game, Friday I drove with Rob to Parkersburg, WV. We used to live in Belpre, Ohio right across the Ohio river. He had to do some work but the kids and I drove down too and went shopping. It is a much much smaller area then I live now but I loved it. They actually have a lot of great stores. I am a modern country girl and I miss my country house and smaller town. Although I like to go to the big city sometimes it is not where I want to live or be really close too. It has it's advantages living here but I do miss the simply life. Everything was slower by 5 levels and people are nice caring people. A couple of the nicest friends I met where met down there. Maybe one day we will live out a ways but still have everything close. Right now I am back to suburbia living, Land of many houses!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

We took the boys to the Reds game on Thursday. Rob's mom came and watched Lauren. We thought she would have more fun with Nana which she did. Hard to have a little one sit through a whole game. It was fun to have time with the boys even though we missed Lauren. Rob is such a huge baseball so this was a great day for him.

At one of the team shops
The boys are really getting into baseball and collecting baseball cards.

It was really sunny and hot but a great day!
Love this picture!!
We got to the game early thanks to Rob telling me over and over we needed to get there early to watch BP and maybe get a ball. We did get there early and guess what Jaden did get a ball!!

This guy right here one of the Reds pitchers. Looked right at Rob and through it over for Jaden. It was really nice of him and it made Jaden (I mean Rob's day)

Here he is with his ball!!
Drew got a little antsy so we took a walk they had some Wii's set up and a play area which is really nice when your kids need a break. See Drew in there?
Drew didn't' want to take this picture at first but then he was glad he did. Then he wanted to take my picture with him.

The Red's won and they are still in first place, they lost last night though. Hope they can keep up the good work. Cincinnati is such a nice area and such a awesome stadium.

Cool place to take pictures. What a fun day we had. We ate Cracker Barrel on the way home, can't go bad there. Hope your having a nice weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I survived the terrible two's,almost!

We are almost out of it and I am seriously praising God. This has been a rough year with my precious adorable baby girl. Yes she is darn cute but don't let that fool you. I used think I had this parenting stuff figured out. I am embarrassed to say that I seemed more of a know it all back in the day. I guess God knows what He is doing when he humbles you. Every toddler behavior or demonstration you have ever heard of or seen my Lauren Grace has done. This year she flushed things down the toilet, drew on walls, broke things, ripped books, locked herself in a fitting room at TJMaxx (and laughed) ran through isles, got out of her car seat while driving down the highway, spilled a whole gallon of milk, had numerous displays of exorcism like behaviours at many stores (: okay you laughing yet? I have survived though. I have learned to relax a lot more and give other moms some credit for really trying and not to judge as easy. I have been filled with more patience, and have been humbled. Parenting is no joke, it is so hard. I have had many days of crying out to God wondering if I could make it though another day. Right when I thought I had it all figured out I realized I didn't at all.
Lauren will be 3yrs old in less then a month. She is really changing these last couple months. My little terrible two is turning into a delightful person. Now we still have our moments but I am really seeing her blossom into a little girl. She has little friends now that she likes and loves other kids. She plays well with others and she is a good sharer. She is potty trained and has good manors. I am really proud of her. She is strong willed and I know she has to fight that sometimes to please us. She is trying though. The other night she gave me a hug and a kiss which is rare. She likes to be hugged but doesn't have a lot of affection (mostly for daddy). At bedtime she said "Mommy, kiss." "Mommy, I love you" I have to tell you that I cried. I felt like she is finally understanding how much I do love her and that I am just trying to help her. I know one day her independent attitude and go getter personality is going to help her. She is a amazing little girl who God has let me borrow for a short time. It has made me reflect on trying my best to be a great mom. Not a perfect mom but a understanding and grateful one. It is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel some days but they all will be older soon and before I know it graduating. I can already feel the Empty Nest is going to be hard on me. It is neat to see God use your own children to change you to make you a better more compassionate person. Thank you God for disciplining and molding me just how you want me to be. To use this for your glory!

Miss Sassy. As hard as she can be at times she wakes up happy every morning and hugs me. She likes to color and she greats her daddy when he gets home from work like a movie scene. Her eyes are like diamonds when light hits them and she smiles as big as the world. People love her and notice her. She is really special!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Last week fun

Me and my sweetie
My parents
My parents took us all to Olive Garden probably my favorite restaurants.

The kids and me, The boys are looking so old in these pictures. At church on Sunday they were showing all the pictures of the grads and it made me cry. They had baby pictures to school age to middle school to high school. It won't be long and I will be looking at my kids. Life sure does go fast. I felt like I used to have 3 small kids and now I feel like I am not the mom anymore with all the babies. They are getting so big and mature.
The boys put on every candle in the whole box and it still was not enough. lol
Mom and me, my best friend (: Love you mom thanks for the great birthday. Isn't my mom so pretty, I hope I get her genes and look as good as her at her age. She is the nicest person you would ever know.
My dad had someone take this with his Droid phone so not the best picture but you get the idea. We saw Shrek in 3-D. It was a great night we had. Rob got me another massage and some other things. Then on sat Rob and I went out and celebrated at Easton (outdoor mall area that is so neat) and we did some more shopping. He took me to P.F. Changs my other favorite restaurant. It was so nice to have that one on one time together.
Thanks so much for all the face book messages and e-mails. I feel like God has blessed me with so much. I have a wonderful family and on top of that he blessed me with very special friends in my life. Thank you, it blessed my heart!!

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