Saturday, May 1, 2010

My little golfer in training

Golf is such a great sport. Rob is really good but he would never admit it. I took lessons when I was pregnant with Jaden and really enjoyed it. Then we had the kids (: Rob golfs some and he should golf more since it is relaxing and he enjoys it. Life is just so busy. He rarely takes time to spend by himself, he wants to be with us, which I can't complain about. It is nice to enjoy a little time away. I guess we both figure once they are in school we will have more time to meet for lunch or play 9 holes of golf then. The golf course down the road offered lessons to Jaden's Elementary. It is a really nice course and they have four golf pro's teaching the class. He really seems to enjoy it and we actually would be thrilled if all our kids played. I think golf is such a great sport since it is sport you can play most of your life. So far so good, he seems to have a good swing when he actually hits the ball.

This little girl behind him is in his class at school. Jaden has quite the following of ladies. It is so cute when I drop him off at school sometimes. Normally a couple girls will see him say hi and they giggle as they walk in with him together. This little girl will not stop talking the whole time they are there. When Jaden swings she is sitting there singing songs the whole time and cheering him on. It is quite funny because he doesn't want to be rude but he is annoyed. She is sweet but yes she does not stop talking!!
One of the instructors helping him out. They do putting, chipping and driving. The lesson is for about an hr. They offer golf next year through our city so we will see. It is during baseball, which he likes too. Today was his first game with the machine pitch. He did great and had a hit. It is so neat seeing your child interact with other adults, other kids, and they make you proud. I will have to take pictures at the next game it was raining today.
Serious business putting the tee in the ground. I love how the visor is hangin over his ears. He is so cute and is becoming his own person.
On a positive note Drew is feeling much better the last day or two. Yeah, it has been a really hard week or so for me. I am hoping I get a good nights rest tonight. Have a great sat everyone!!


  1. How cute!! I have never tried to swing a golf club! I got Morgan a set of clubs after we were married, but then we found out we were having Madison and they kind of got put aside. I think he's self-conscious about trying to learn, since he doesn't really know anything about it either. Glad to hear Drew is feeling better!! Hope you get some rest tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Hi Katie! Nice to see you today! I'm glad little Drew is feeling better! Golf is a great sport! You should take Jaden to the Memorial Tournament! He would love it!!

    We'll have to get together to do some junking soon!


  3. Blake and Evan have been going to First Tee and love it. I think golf may be Blake's "thing". I feel like it is something that they will be able to do with Travis their whole lives! Blake and Travis played in a tournament together last Saturday and had a blast together!

  4. Katie--that is too cool that he's able to take golf lessons at school! The more I read your blog, the more I wish you still lived here! I love golf and have my own clubs, but Richie is not into it at all. I haven't had a chance to play in about 3 years and so I am sure I would be awful....but it would be fun to have a girlfriend to go play with!
    Take care and have a great week!

  5. Hi Katie! I got your message about junking on Friday......Janet from Open Market Style and I are planning to go out and about on Friday and we would love for you to join us! Let me know!

    We don't have final plans yet - we'll probably figure it out later in the week!

    Email me....I can't find your email address! I need to save it in my address list. I always forget to do that! I am so forgetful!



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