Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mercy Me Concert

When my parents were here last weekend we we went out one night to go see Mercy Me and a few others bands. We went to the Rock and Worship Road Show. Check out the link below and be sure to go if they are in your area. It is so worth it only $10!! That is it for a amazing concert. We took all the kids and they loved it.
We went to Johnny Rockets before the concert to eat it is right by Ohio State. We were pretty brave to bring Lauren but she really was good and enjoyed it.
My parents with Jaden. There was a spring OSU game so it was really crowded so we had to sit separate but we were sitting in the both right next to them.
We gave Drew lots of medicine and he was good that couple hours, he liked getting out of the house. I am so happy he is normal again, it is so nice to have my normal happy Drew again!!
We got there and the show had started so we had to sit pretty high up. Jaden was so nervous at first then he realized we were right there and he was not going to fall. That railing really freaked him out!!
My mom the nurse took really good care of Drew and she made sure he was comfortable. Got to love a nurturing sweet Nana. She flew in to be with Drew over his recovery. Then my dad drove in from PA where he is living. My mom is still trying to sell the house. Hopefully they will move soon only 6hrs away now!! It was so nice to see them. The kids love them!! Lauren especially likes Grandpa (: She sees Harley Davidson stuff and always says "Grandpa" They are buddies.
See, I told you were were really far away. That was okay though we could still see. I can't say enough good about Mercy Me. They were so good. I love "All Of Creation", and of course "I Can Only Imagine." Those songs are so meaningful. It was awesome praise and worship. If you have never been to a christian concert I am telling you it is such a amazing feeling to be with so many other believers singing and worshiping to our King.
Family Force 5. They were really loud and heavy. I love the song "Luv Addict" after a few songs though, I was ready for Mercy Me. They are good though and I like how there was something for everyone at the concert. That is what is so cool about christian music now. There are so many different kinds of groups from mellow to heavy metal and they all love Jesus.
The concert was where OSU Buckeyes basketball play, so we had to take some pictures with Brutus.
We are having a beautiful day today in Columbus, hope you all are too. Today I helped at Jaden's school and I really enjoyed seeing him and all his little friends. Then I picked up Drew from preschool and we went back and ate lunch with Jaden. After lunch we even went to recess. Drew thought it was so cool eating with Jaden and meeting his friends. They were best friends out there together amongst all the other kids. It made me so happy to see how much my boys love each other.


  1. I bet that was amazing!! I totally agree with you that Christian music is just awesome! I never in a million years would've thought I would listen to Christian music, but now it's all I listen to. There are so many awesome bands, and to be able to sing and worship at the same time...I love it! I love those last pics of the kids....so cute!

  2. cute! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. the pictures are adorable :)

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! So nice to hear that Drew is feeling better! :) I really like Mercy Me... I'm sure it was an awesome concert!

  4. About a week ago, I switched over to the Sirius Christian channel--the Message and haven't switch back. I am loving the Newsboys, TobyMac (got tickets for him in June!!), and Meredith Andrews. Oh and Big Daddy Weave and Mikeschair!!! :)


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