Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden tutorial from a person who has no clue

This is our first time, so we could be doing stuff wrong. I just thought I would show you what we did to build a container garden that looks really pretty. If you have any tips for me I would gladly take any or suggestions. We will see if our work pays off (:
1. Need one handy sweet husband, and a little boy to help. We bought these landscape timbers and measured how big we wanted them. They come in a good size but we had to make a few cuts on the side pieces. At Lowe's they can do it for you if you don't have a saw. The wood cost about $40
2. One cute little boy and a darling dog
3. Buy long screws to screw the whole thing together, then once it is built you can buy burlap that kills the grass and weeds.
4. Burlap

5. Buy a ton of dirt that about kills your arms moving it from Lowe's to your car then to your car to your house. Work out, seriously!!

6. Buy your veggies and fruites. We bought a lot of different stuff, but not a lot of one thing. We did not buy hot peppers because someone told us that they bring bugs, so they have to be in a separate container. Our idea is to add on another container if this one does well this summer. We bought, lots of different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, baby pumpkin, green pepper, cucumber and some sunflowers. We will see what works and what doesn't it. So far so good and it was really fun.
7. Here it is!! We put it on the side of our house where we get a lot of sun and in the later afternoon some shade but it seems like a good spot. Jaden and Drew wanted pumpkins and they take lots of room, so I planted some in the mulch behind our bushes, we will see. (: I have a lot to learn but I am proud of our little garden. I hope we have success.


  1. That's really neat! My Dad used to always grow different things like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. and he always had pretty good luck with them. My in-laws grow all kinds of things too and they do really well. Good luck with yours!

  2. It looks great....good luck with your gardening!

  3. we just built our first raised bed a couple weeks ago ... but yours looks much prettier! I'm still adding things, but we've got lettuce, cucumbers, red pepper, and tomatoes... at the very least we'll have salad! haha

  4. Everything looks great!! We put in a garden last yr and our watermelons and cantaloupe vined everywhere. Enjoy it!!

  5. Looks great!! We started a garden last yr and our watermelons and cantaloupe took lots of room because they vine everywhere. Goodluck and enjoy it!!

  6. I want a garden--that's a great idea. However, I am missing the "handy husband" requirement! Ha!
    You asked me about Facebook--don't have one....remember, I married a cop....just a little safety conscious!
    Anyway, great, great job on the garden!

  7. You did it!! Love it!! It looks great! I can't wait to see the fruits of labor as the days progress! I loved gardening as a kid when we lived out in the country...pumpkins, potatoes, sunflowers...the whole nine yards!! I think you will really enjoy it!!



  8. I grew up with a garden, and it was fun. I wish I had a green thumb to do stuff like this. Keep us updated!

  9. your little garden looks great! I planted some hot pepper plants at our house today only ours are right in our flowerbeds! :)

  10. Wow, this looks great for someone who doesn't know how! I have 2 gardens, one full of red and white potatoes that I planted first of March, the other one contains all my tomato plants (28), okra, squash and onions! I can a lot, I expect to see a bigger garden next year girl! :D The babies are getting so big. I haven't been able to keep up with you and your family, our last day of school was Friday and I start back to summer school next week! Enjoy your fresh veggies! Give the children a BIG hug for me!

  11. I love your title : ) That made me smile this morning. Good luck! : )


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