Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun things at the kids school's

May has been a really busy month so far. School is wrapping up so all the fun carnivals, parties, and performances are taking place. Baseball is in full swing as well. I love it all, but enjoy a night home to relax as well. Drew had his special lady in his life day at his preschool. Mostly mom's come but some grandma's as well. He is such a little charmer that is for sure. I just love doing special things with each of my children alone. I love to pretend that they are my only child when I we have these special outings. I want them to feel so loved! I want it to be all about them. As they get older it gets easier and more fun. We can do movies and dinner and pretty soon Lauren and I can shop. Even though she is adopted I hope she gets my shopping gene.
They had a Academy Award theme, here is my Oscar

Here is Drew and one of his best buddies Owen.
There was all kinds of games, ice cream, and crafts. Each year they have a father event and a mother event. I can't believe next year I will be going with Lauren.
I wish the picture was closer, but you can see Drew and me dressed up like movie stars.
They had a microphone set up and a cd player and the kids could sing there favorite song. Drew picked "Five Little Monkeys" It was so cute, his teachers just watched him and smiled. They love him and that makes me so happy. He is really a sweet sweet kid. Very loving and friendly and boyfriend to many (lol)
This picture is blurry but I did not bring my good lens to Jaden's school and I was sitting to far away. He had his end of year performance. It was on the rain forest. He loves singing all the songs. Jaden belongs on the stage. He loves to perform, sing, and get attention. He is very funny and belongs in movies. He has a funny entertaining personality.
Lauren Grace after the performance. She is defiantly the little princess around here. If it was up to her she would wear a tiara and pink Nike tennis shoes and carry a basketball everywhere she went. She is very cute and she defiantly is a go getter. Miss Independent is the song for her. She was pretty good and enjoyed seeing her brother on stage.
I could kick myself for not bringing the zoom but as you can see it was quite the show.Jaden is on the bottom right next to the girl with her arm's crossed. She did not seem to be to happy(: I have learned a lot about the Rain forest. Jaden is so funny he tells me all the statistics about everything especially science and building stuff. Mr. Engineer in training. I can't wait to see what they all will become in life. I always tell them whatever it is just try your best!! They make me so happy. I find it funny that I can love three little kids so much but be so happy when they are all in bed. (: hope you all can relate.


  1. LOL Katie....perfectly said about loving them all so much, but being glad when they're in bed too. :D Such cute photos.....this time of year is always so busy, but so much fun too! Madison is having a "wax museum" thing today for us to go to, where they get to pretend to be a famous person and give a little speech. She is being Cyndi Lauper!

  2. ahhhhh sooo cute! I loved the pictures...even the blurry ones;)


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