Monday, May 24, 2010

flowers, gardens and summer here we come

I am so happy summer is here. I know it is not but according to my schedule when it is warm and we hit the end of May that is summer. I have already made a list of activities to keep the kids busy this summer. I am looking forward to a break and not rushing to get everyone out of the door in the morning. We had a really busy weekend. We had a neighborhood yard sale. I didn't have to much mostly Lauren's clothes, some of the boys and some this and that and we made $350. Not to bad (: I actually enjoy having them. I am weird like that but enjoy organizing and pricing and talking to customers.
Yesterday we planted our very first garden. I have always wanted one and finally we decided to do it. I will have pictures to follow. It turned out really good. Here are some pictures of some of my flowers everything is blooming and looking so pretty right now. I love this mat I found for my front porch. I love initial stuff right now. I added petunias and pansies to the pots in front and this years wreath is just plain green and I like it. Simple but elegant.
Love old looking bunnies
My little mini terrarium. These things are so fun to plant things in.

Champ out our laundry room door.

My knock out rose bush I think that is what is called went crazy this year. It looks wonderful, I have 100's of buds and roses on it. It is so beautiful.
I will have pictures of how to start a container garden up in the next few days. It is actually really pretty and fun and not real difficult.


  1. Good job on your yard sale Katie! That is just great : ) I think it is fun to talk to people too!

    Summer will be so nice and NON hectic. I love that : ). I love that we don't have to get to the pool at any certain time and we can stay up as late as we want. YAY for summer!

  2. I am so ready for summer too!! That's awesome to make that at your garage sale! I really need to have one, but I've never done one before. I love all of your flowers and things.

  3. I LOVE summer! We're having a yard sale in June to raise money for Tucker's adoption! I hope ours goes as well as yours did!! :)

  4. Sounds like you did great on your yard sale!

    I am ready to slow down for summer too and your flowers look beautiful!

  5. Hi Katie! Your porch looks great! I need to get busy on mine! Glad your yard sale went well! $350 in one day....not too shabby!! Now you can go shopping!!

    See you soon!




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