Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beautiful kitchens, more dreaming...

Isn't this cute? I love kitchen's. I could go to model homes and look at them all day. There are so many options now for kitchen's. Black cabinets, cream, white, cherry etc.. endless. It seems like home decor in the last 10 years has really taken on your own personality. I agree that a home should be about your personality and what makes you and your family feel like it is your home. I personally like to get my home decor anywhere and everywhere. I am not a decorating snob that is for sure. Some of the neatest stuff I have it from thrift stores. I usually buy items and re purpose them or paint them to make them fit where I need them, that is the fun part. I have seen so many kitchen transformations done for less, and I am amazed at some of these woman's talents.
The Lettered Cottage is one of my favorite Blogs...Talk about AMAZING!!
Have fun looking around if you haven't. I am so impressed by these people they need to have their own show on HGTV. Not only does it look great they do everything on a realistic budget and on a normal home. It makes me really excited to find a home that needs a little work and have some fun. What is your favorite kind of kitchen? What would you like to change about yours? I am tempted to paint my cherry cabinets to be honest but that might be a bad choice since they are still in style and a lot of people like them. If they were a oak color or older I would for sure do it and who knows depending on how long we are here maybe I will someday.

I love glass cabinets, and the open island.

Right now this is probably my favorite look for a kitchen. (that could change(: ) I love dark wood floors. I would put them everywhere if I could. I love the cabinets too, how bright and airy. Although I really like dark cabinets too, there is something that makes you happy about this bright happy kitchen.
Hope your all doing well out there. I have lots of pictures to post soon. The boys are both in baseball, and I just re purposed some trashed stuff, stay tuned!!
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  1. I saw the most awesome house this past weekend. I would've taken pics, but I didn't want to seem like a weirdo! ha!! It was a house that my husband designed and it was on the bay out here, so the whole back wall of their living/kitchen area was floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the water. The kitchen was so nice and open. It was so relaxing and crisp and clean. And their pool was right outside too, so you could see that too. They had a huge back area with nice furniture and then the view of the water was so nice!

  2. oh those kitchens are HEAVEN!!! That first one just delights me!! sigh....

  3. I absolutley love that last kitchen! We are waiting for a permit approval so we can start building our house. Cody and I have two totally different styles we like, so it's going to be tuff picking things out. He loves dark and rustic and I really like light and bright! lol Go figure :) I want to show him that last kitchen and see what he says. I don't think he will go for white cabninets at all ): But we will have dark floors so I want something to lighten the house up a bit. I love that you post house pictures. It gives me ideas of what I like. Thanks


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