Monday, May 31, 2010

Drew graduates

Drew graduated from preschool last week. Hard to believe he is headed off to Kindergarten now. He is really excited for that. He thinks he is going to be with Jaden all day though, so we have to keep telling him he might see him but he will be in his own class. The boys are so close they have other friends but really love being together and seldom do things apart.
They did a little rap song it was so cute. The class is called the Honey Bee's and they kept saying H B's Out H B's out, graduate!! Cute!!
Here his is walking with his cap on with his class.
Here they are rapping

Jaden has about a week left and then we are all done for a nice break. Looking forward to summer!! Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden tutorial from a person who has no clue

This is our first time, so we could be doing stuff wrong. I just thought I would show you what we did to build a container garden that looks really pretty. If you have any tips for me I would gladly take any or suggestions. We will see if our work pays off (:
1. Need one handy sweet husband, and a little boy to help. We bought these landscape timbers and measured how big we wanted them. They come in a good size but we had to make a few cuts on the side pieces. At Lowe's they can do it for you if you don't have a saw. The wood cost about $40
2. One cute little boy and a darling dog
3. Buy long screws to screw the whole thing together, then once it is built you can buy burlap that kills the grass and weeds.
4. Burlap

5. Buy a ton of dirt that about kills your arms moving it from Lowe's to your car then to your car to your house. Work out, seriously!!

6. Buy your veggies and fruites. We bought a lot of different stuff, but not a lot of one thing. We did not buy hot peppers because someone told us that they bring bugs, so they have to be in a separate container. Our idea is to add on another container if this one does well this summer. We bought, lots of different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, baby pumpkin, green pepper, cucumber and some sunflowers. We will see what works and what doesn't it. So far so good and it was really fun.
7. Here it is!! We put it on the side of our house where we get a lot of sun and in the later afternoon some shade but it seems like a good spot. Jaden and Drew wanted pumpkins and they take lots of room, so I planted some in the mulch behind our bushes, we will see. (: I have a lot to learn but I am proud of our little garden. I hope we have success.

Monday, May 24, 2010

flowers, gardens and summer here we come

I am so happy summer is here. I know it is not but according to my schedule when it is warm and we hit the end of May that is summer. I have already made a list of activities to keep the kids busy this summer. I am looking forward to a break and not rushing to get everyone out of the door in the morning. We had a really busy weekend. We had a neighborhood yard sale. I didn't have to much mostly Lauren's clothes, some of the boys and some this and that and we made $350. Not to bad (: I actually enjoy having them. I am weird like that but enjoy organizing and pricing and talking to customers.
Yesterday we planted our very first garden. I have always wanted one and finally we decided to do it. I will have pictures to follow. It turned out really good. Here are some pictures of some of my flowers everything is blooming and looking so pretty right now. I love this mat I found for my front porch. I love initial stuff right now. I added petunias and pansies to the pots in front and this years wreath is just plain green and I like it. Simple but elegant.
Love old looking bunnies
My little mini terrarium. These things are so fun to plant things in.

Champ out our laundry room door.

My knock out rose bush I think that is what is called went crazy this year. It looks wonderful, I have 100's of buds and roses on it. It is so beautiful.
I will have pictures of how to start a container garden up in the next few days. It is actually really pretty and fun and not real difficult.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Baseball, Jaden

I love this picture. Jaden is very enthusiastic. He loves making a hit. It is harder to hit off the pitch machine then a t-that is for sure. He is doing really well and seems to be blossoming in baseball. He usually always get a hit and is enjoying himself. Here he is mid air jumping to home plate.

Here is my cute boy

Rob is coaching his team this year and this is one of the other coaches. It is Lorenzo Styles he played for OSU and the Atlanta Falcons. Rob recognized the name right away. Some of the other dad's figured it out and they acted like ten year old boys. It is cute actually. He is a really nice guy, great with the kids and very humble and nice. His wife is a hoot and we call her coach she knows all the rules, what team we are playing, helps the kids out all the time. We have a great little team this year.

Rob and the team. I will have to post some of Drew's team too. Rob is helping coach his team too. What a great husband I have. I am so blessed. Yes, marriage is hard work and we have our ups and downs like all couples but I have been blessed by a man of great character, integrity and a true hero to his kids. He went and ate with Jaden today at school and then went to recess with him. Rob played all the kids in tether ball and apparently beat the champion of the first grade (lol) You would have thought Jaden's dad was a rock star the way the kids were all talking about it. Jaden was so proud.
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cubbie storage re-do, messy closet again

This is one of the great finds that I got on my little junking trip a few weeks ago. One of us girls was going to get it because it was a well built cubbie storage for only $20. I decided with three kids and stuff everywhere I could for sure find a place for it and not pass this up. I decided to use it in my closet and get the shoes off my floor. My closet is a never ending mess. I think I blogged about it on here a year or so ago. I get it really nice and clean and then it is such a mess again. I am a organized person but the artsy side of me won't let it stay that way. Probably the lazy side of me (: I cleaned it all out again and got rid of tons of stuff. I figure if I have not worn it in a year it is leaving. So I stained this with a rub in gel stain that I really liked. It was a lot thicker and I just used a old towel and it worked great.
I like it. I could also put a few other things in the cubbies when shoes aren't in there. I love shoes!! It actually made me sick that I had like 40 pairs at one time. To some people that may not be many but to others and myself I had to get rid of a few. I just love shoes especially ones with embellishments flip flops, and high heels. Oh but I love tennis shoes too..Oh and my cowboy boots. See I told you...
I love this stain so much I almost felt like I could stain my stairs with it and get rid of the carpet. I don't think I am going to try it (:
After pile. It feels so good to clean closets and drawers, toy rooms, etc.. It does not last but I like the feeling of clean and organized. Nothing stays this way but I will enjoy it for a while.
So clean!!
I got a new lamp, it is very unique. I didn't know if I loved it or not. It is growing on me. I love the Pineapple, I love pineapple stuff. I figure I can't paint it white if I get sick of the old world look of it. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun things at the kids school's

May has been a really busy month so far. School is wrapping up so all the fun carnivals, parties, and performances are taking place. Baseball is in full swing as well. I love it all, but enjoy a night home to relax as well. Drew had his special lady in his life day at his preschool. Mostly mom's come but some grandma's as well. He is such a little charmer that is for sure. I just love doing special things with each of my children alone. I love to pretend that they are my only child when I we have these special outings. I want them to feel so loved! I want it to be all about them. As they get older it gets easier and more fun. We can do movies and dinner and pretty soon Lauren and I can shop. Even though she is adopted I hope she gets my shopping gene.
They had a Academy Award theme, here is my Oscar

Here is Drew and one of his best buddies Owen.
There was all kinds of games, ice cream, and crafts. Each year they have a father event and a mother event. I can't believe next year I will be going with Lauren.
I wish the picture was closer, but you can see Drew and me dressed up like movie stars.
They had a microphone set up and a cd player and the kids could sing there favorite song. Drew picked "Five Little Monkeys" It was so cute, his teachers just watched him and smiled. They love him and that makes me so happy. He is really a sweet sweet kid. Very loving and friendly and boyfriend to many (lol)
This picture is blurry but I did not bring my good lens to Jaden's school and I was sitting to far away. He had his end of year performance. It was on the rain forest. He loves singing all the songs. Jaden belongs on the stage. He loves to perform, sing, and get attention. He is very funny and belongs in movies. He has a funny entertaining personality.
Lauren Grace after the performance. She is defiantly the little princess around here. If it was up to her she would wear a tiara and pink Nike tennis shoes and carry a basketball everywhere she went. She is very cute and she defiantly is a go getter. Miss Independent is the song for her. She was pretty good and enjoyed seeing her brother on stage.
I could kick myself for not bringing the zoom but as you can see it was quite the show.Jaden is on the bottom right next to the girl with her arm's crossed. She did not seem to be to happy(: I have learned a lot about the Rain forest. Jaden is so funny he tells me all the statistics about everything especially science and building stuff. Mr. Engineer in training. I can't wait to see what they all will become in life. I always tell them whatever it is just try your best!! They make me so happy. I find it funny that I can love three little kids so much but be so happy when they are all in bed. (: hope you all can relate.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two nice wicker chairs

I went Junking last week with friends it was so much fun. I have wanted two wicker chairs for some extra seating and I found some. I actually found them on Craigslist and the lady never contacted me back and then I saw them at the sale and they were on the porch. They are really nice chairs, they look Pier 1 ish and seem sturdy and big. I got both chairs for $50, you can see the before pictures, they needed some help, but that was a deal considering they are much more then that normally. I bought some chair pads and presto chango. I love porches, decks, sitting areas. So fun to decorate.
Enjoy your Saturday friends (:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gift for Jaden's teacher

This is my first time ever doing something like this. I have always loved to draw frogs, so I thought it would be fun. Jaden's teacher loves frogs, she has them all over her room. I think it turned our pretty cute. Jaden had a really neat frog book I was going to use for reference and it disappeared before I started the project.. I tore through the whole house not to find it. So we just made this up together.
The kids and my favorite frog, the tongue getting the fly.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beautiful kitchens, more dreaming...

Isn't this cute? I love kitchen's. I could go to model homes and look at them all day. There are so many options now for kitchen's. Black cabinets, cream, white, cherry etc.. endless. It seems like home decor in the last 10 years has really taken on your own personality. I agree that a home should be about your personality and what makes you and your family feel like it is your home. I personally like to get my home decor anywhere and everywhere. I am not a decorating snob that is for sure. Some of the neatest stuff I have it from thrift stores. I usually buy items and re purpose them or paint them to make them fit where I need them, that is the fun part. I have seen so many kitchen transformations done for less, and I am amazed at some of these woman's talents.
The Lettered Cottage is one of my favorite Blogs...Talk about AMAZING!!
Have fun looking around if you haven't. I am so impressed by these people they need to have their own show on HGTV. Not only does it look great they do everything on a realistic budget and on a normal home. It makes me really excited to find a home that needs a little work and have some fun. What is your favorite kind of kitchen? What would you like to change about yours? I am tempted to paint my cherry cabinets to be honest but that might be a bad choice since they are still in style and a lot of people like them. If they were a oak color or older I would for sure do it and who knows depending on how long we are here maybe I will someday.

I love glass cabinets, and the open island.

Right now this is probably my favorite look for a kitchen. (that could change(: ) I love dark wood floors. I would put them everywhere if I could. I love the cabinets too, how bright and airy. Although I really like dark cabinets too, there is something that makes you happy about this bright happy kitchen.
Hope your all doing well out there. I have lots of pictures to post soon. The boys are both in baseball, and I just re purposed some trashed stuff, stay tuned!!
Take Care

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