Monday, April 12, 2010

One of My favorite stores

Can you guess it?
Getting closer??
You guessed it!!
This was a Outlet so some savings helped but even as a outlet it was still expensive. I did get that great clock, you can see in the picture above. It looks like a giant pocket watch. It was $250 for only $30!! Now that was a great deal, that was the only great deal though. There were a lot of pillow covers but only one. So you would have to be a frequent shopper to get matches. It all depends on what is returned too. The dented furniture was about 30-40% off of retail which if your familiar with this catalog is still a ton. I love the accessories though and I have bought some from the catalog. The quality is very good. Although the furniture is not solid wood, the same with Pottery Barn. It is still really nice though. I told Rob I could buy everything in the store except a few weird things that I don't like. Of course the stuff is way over my budget so I am dreaming. I will be back to get some more good deals in few months, I think it was worth looking. The parent company Frontgate also has a outlet here and a few other stores in the same building. So it was fun shopping!!

Only a few more stops on our little trip. Hope you have a great Monday!!


  1. I had never heard of Ballard Designs until I started blogging. We don't have it here in TX that I know of. That looks like an awesome store though!!

  2. That is great that you are close enough to go to an outlet! I just love when I get the book in the mail, just for the ideas in it!!! I just started getting the Frontgate one too.

  3. I have never heard of that store before! Looks so cool! But over my budget too!!

  4. I have a stack of Ballards catalogs and look at them all the time for ideas. I would love to go in one of their stores. So glad you were able to find a bunny picture on Ebay. I got mine years ago at Kirklands and I still love it!

  5. wow - what a great deal on that clock!! I love a good sale and outlets are my favorite for that!! :)


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