Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Newport Aquarium

We took the kids to the Newport Aquarium. It is really neat. Rob and I went to this when it first opened years ago and enjoyed it. Now we are taking our three kids!! Wow time goes by fast. The boys went to one similar when we went to Myrtle Beach a few years ago and enjoyed it. So we thought they would enjoy it even more now and Miss Lauren loves animals so it was so fun!
Pretty dark in there and hard to take pictures. The kids kept asking me to take pictures of everything so I am sharing a small amount of the many animals they wanted me to take pictures of. It is so hard to take pictures with glass and a really dark room, it was great practice actually.
The floor is glass, neat!!
Jaden pet a shark. Drew and Lauren said "no"
I pet it and if felt like rubber. They seemed shy and sweet. They must have been nice sharks.
The penguins were really neat. There was stadium seating where you could watch them swim, jump up on the ice, and play. It was so neat seeing them fly above the water and leap back down as they played amongst themselves. They were so cute. They seemed so happy. I could watch them for hours, there where also otters that were so friendly and amusing with the same style viewing.
Your separated by 2 1/2 inches of thick glass material. Pretty neat how they swim above your head.
Jaden saw a shark!!

They had tons of Jelly fish I really like this picture.
Lauren loved it all.

On the way in. Jaden, Drew and Daddy and Lauren running to catch up. Usually she is in the lead of all things.
Drew loves turtles, so I took probably 20 pictures of turtles. I will delete a few later.
Lauren kept calling this one "Nemo" I am sure most kids do this. That is a great movie that I don't mind watching over and over.
Cute picture but Jaden has his eyes shut, so bright. We had so much fun. I only have a few pictures of us eating out left and going on a walk. I hope you have enjoyed coming along on a tour of our little trip.


  1. That looks like such a fun place. My girls would love it! I love the one of them all on the frogs :) Glad y'all had such a great vacation!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun little mini-vacation! I've been to the Ballard's and Frontgate "outlet" stores. Notice, outlet is in quotations! The displays were gorgeous, but the prices were still high! I'm such a spendthrift!

    I'm thinking next week we'll be able to connect. As of right now, my mom gets to go home on Monday. I'll be in touch!


  3. You have such cute kids! We have an aquarium place a couple of hours from here and we went a year or so ago and the kids just loved it! So much fun!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love meeting new friends. Looks like a fun trip. My kids love to visit different museums and aquariums. Always so much to see and do. Love all the pictures...your family is beautiful.


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