Monday, April 26, 2010

New stuff around the house

Hi friends!! What a week we have had. Okay I never knew what a pain all of this tonsil stuff would be. Poor Drew did great but is still having pain. He is being very stubborn and not taking his medicine. It takes me a hr or more to get him to comply. Then within 10 min he is much better. He still has not figured out we are just trying to help him. He is very picky and has a easy gag reflux so you can imagine. He still is not sleeping at night normal. He wakes up at least 6 times a night yelling and crying in his sleep. He is in a night terror stage basically and he is not rested at all he keeps thrashing in his bed. I don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced your child not sleeping after a surgery? Giving him Tylenol at this time is not easy at all, he is out of it and I can't get him awake enough. It has been a long week with no sleep. I am not trying to complain!! It could be so much worse and I have so much to be thankful for, I am just tired!! Anyways, I have been home a lot lately so I took a few pictures of some things around the house that are newer.
I found the above plate at HomeGoods. I really like it and could have bought a few more. It is heavy and a really pretty cream color. I love HomeGoods, best store ever!!
Here is my new Ballard Design Clock. It is so heavy I decided to place it against the wall on my dresser for now. I really like it and for $30 I still can't believe it.
Hello!! I feel dead I never knew how bad bags under my eyes could get, until now!! You ever have that fake coffee high to keep you going all day? I hate that! This lighting is bad so that is a good thing.
I changed the kids bathroom up a little and got a new white shower curtain and added this shelf. It used to be bright pink. I just spray painted it black and added these neat boats.
I bought two of these topiaries off of Craigslist for $40 they are pretty nice heavy trees in neat wood planters. They would look great on a front porch. If I had a covered porch they would be perfect, but since I don't I put them inside for now. I am afraid the wood might rot.
Champ's bed!! Isn't that cute? He doesn't lay in it much but I liked it.
I found these glass finial things at Hobby Lobby for like $4 a piece they were originally $39 a piece. I think they are pretty neat.
I have some fun pictures to share in the next few days.


  1. Kaylee is the same exact way with medicine. I can't even get her to take a tylenol chewable. She will gag and throw up every time. If only they made medicine like they make those sugary gummy vitamins, I'd have it made...she loves those! I don't know what I would do if she had to take an antibiotic.....I'd have to just get them to give her a shot because there's no way I'd ever get any down her. I feel for you!! I hope he feels better soon....I bet this week will be much better as his throat heals.

    I love the picture of you! :) I love all your great finds too. I really like the boats in the boys' bathroom.

  2. I LOVE all of the new decor! Poor Drew, praying for some sleep for you all!!

  3. Wow, if that is you on a "bad" day, then I might as well not even roll my scraggly self out of bed in the morning! LOL :)

  4. makes me want to go shopping!!!! I love your photos... you look beautiful!! :)

  5. Hope your son is feeling better soon. Love all the new pieces :)


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