Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lauren and her kitchen

Lauren got a new kitchen for Easter. She loves it. I found some pots and pans at Ikea for $10 that fit perfect. I just wanted to post these sweet pictures. Everyday she has been playing with it and pretends she is cooking for everyone. She always wants to help me make dinner at night. She helps a little to much if you know what I mean, she really wants to get involved. I love to help her and show her but she goes as far as wanting to dump the spaghetti in the drainer and wants to mix things on the gas stove. She gets mad but to dangerous.
She loves to wash her hands in the pretend sink, she was mad there was no water.
Cute picture of her feeding the bunny in the front yard

We have been super busy and having so much fun with Daddy home this week. Yesterday we went to go get Champ at Nana B's house (she watched him while we were out of town) in Lima. The kids missed that little dog so much. While we were there we showed the kids were we grew up and went to school. There was a track meet going on at Rob's high school against my old high school. Oh all the memories of high school sports. Good times!
Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about the Easter pictures. I think I will leave my long hair, thanks for compliments. Blogging has been so fun to me. I have met and been able to keep in touch with friends and family. All the comments are appreciated and brighten my day!! I am so proud of my kids and I love how so many other families are the same way. I love to read about so many of your day to day lives and your love for your family. The greatest gift and blessings ever!!


  1. Molly loves her kitchen, too. And she is also too much of a helper sometimes too! She tries to stir what's on the real stove with her plastic play spoons, and I always freak out and think they are going to melt on the burner!! You grew up in Lima! So cool! I am from Findlay :)

  2. I just think Lauren is so precious! She just looks so beautiful in that color! What am I saying....she looks beautiful in every color, but you know what I mean. Ha! I love blogging too. It's awesome to meet so many women and be able to encourage each other and just be friends. I love it!

  3. I love her kitchen. She is such a precious baby : )

  4. Oh my... that kitchen looks SO fun! I remember 'play' cooking with my little pots and pans. So many wonderful memories. I'm sure she is going to have so much fun in her kitchen! Her feeding the bunny is *adorable*.


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