Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jungle Jim's Grocery

I am going to do a recap of our little trip to Cincinnati. We had so much fun just doing things we don't have here. This is when we left, the kids were ready.
Jaden and Drew were ready for opening day down in Cincinnati for the Reds game. We didn't have tickets but maybe next year.
First Stop is the rest room, lol. I saw this grocery store on the Food Network/Travel Channel about one of the neatest one of kind grocery stores in the US. It happens to be in Cincinnati so we stopped by. It was really neat we could have spent hours in there.
Here is a link These restrooms look like port a pottys but when you open the door they are regular restrooms. This is like a grocery store on steroids. It was really amazing they have 1000's of international foods. Every isle is dedicated to a different country. You could find any unique food or rare food you could ever think of. The meat isle was nasty. We saw pig heads, and alligator tail. There is stuff hanging from the ceilings, and displays like you have never seen in your life. It was a really neat place.
I took a few pictures but some of these are from the web. There was a sign saying you could not take pictures. You could take them by the potty and the outside though.

I think some of this stuff was from King's Island from years ago.
They had tanks with bass and other alive fish and then some dead ocean fish.

This singing Elvis bear was by the huge candy isle.

They had old stadium seats from the old Red's stadium on the outside. Rob keeps telling me he wishes we would have bought some when they were selling them. They are pretty neat. Stay tuned for our next adventure...


  1. That is just one crazy place! I bet the kids had fun seeing all that stuff!

  2. This is one place I would love to visit! I bet you could find 'anything' and 'everything' there! Looks like you had a great time with these beautiful children! :)

  3. Yea, we loved that place!! So glad you all had fun!

  4. How awesome! Looks like so much fun!!


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