Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Fun

Hey friends!! We colored eggs which was so much fun for the kids and Lauren is really getting into all things these days. She is becoming a little girl not so much a baby anymore. I think she gets so frustrated because she sees the boys do everything and she wants to be big like them. She is talking so well and is saying such cute stuff. Tonight we got Ice cream after church and she kept saying "That ice cream was sooo good!!! "I liked it daddy, thank you" To cute.
Here she is above coloring in the Macy's ad, she has style. I need my shopping buddy so I did not take her away from her love of Macy's here.
Happy Girl, and meticulous Jaden in the background. My little engineer. When I think back to their personalities as babies not a lot has changed. Jaden who is very exact and likes clean hated to have dirty hands as a toddler. To this day he does not like stains on his clothes. Lauren and Drew are not so much that way.
Drew was easy going as a baby and to this day he is the same. He has a permanent mustache of something red on his upper lip on most days.
My mom is so sweet. She sent each kid a little basket with fun stuff to match their personalities. She sent Rob and I goodies too.

We had a great good Friday service at church tonight. Nothing brings you to tears faster then scenes from Passion Of The Christ. We had time to go pray at the altar too, something special about that time. Looking forward to Sunday! Have a great Easter Weekend!!


  1. How fun! We are doing ours tomorrow. How neat to get baskets of goodies too! My MIL always gives the girls some too and they love it every year. Hope you have a great weekend! I will let you know when I've finished the other shirt :)

  2. Happy Easter Katie! We have the Easter Open House at The Olde Shoe today, so I will be crazy busy today! Hope you and your family have a great Easter!

    love ya,


  3. I can't believe how much the picture shows Lauren's growth! I look at the side bar when she was little and then that, she is growing and goind to be a young lady before lone! So Lauren is a Hog Fan, hummmmmmm if my house gets full, I will send her something special! Give the children a hug, they look like they were having so much fun coloring eggs! Happy Easter!

  4. What a beautiful family you have. What sweet goodies they got from your mom...I'll bet they loved that surprise.

  5. I love this post! They are truly adorable Katie! I love the babies bows. I can't believe how she is growing.

  6. What fun! Hope you have a great Easter!

  7. So much fun! Love the eggs! Molly is starting to say really funny things, too. She says please and thank you with everything. I put her in time out yesterday and she said thank you Mommy!


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