Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

It was such a beautiful Easter Sunday!!! Rob's mom and Step-dad came down to go to church with us. The kids loved that. We also got a few family pictures taken.
Not many of Rob and I so Jan took a few for us.

The kids with Nana B and Grandpa B.
Rob and the kids
My 3 Blessings! Got to love the tennis shoes!! I thought about the outfits but forgot about the shoes. Oh well (: They look a little Miami Vice here.
Cute except for my hair, I might need cut soon.
My two handsome little men

Love this one, so cute.
We just got back from a few days down in Cincinnati. Rob took off this week for spring break. We had so much fun just getting away. I have pictures to follow. I am just loving my kids getting a little older so we are able to do fun family things with memories. They were all really good. Lauren wanted to stay up late at the hotel but other then that once she was asleep she slept all night. We watched the big game last night and she watched along with us till 11:00. Very good game, I was so sad Butler did not pull though. Today was a busy fun day and we just got home a little while ago and I wanted to post these. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. He has Risen!!


  1. Oh my goodness... these pictures are ALL adorable! You have such a precious family. Everyone looks so cute dressed up for Easter!

  2. These pictures are just beautiful!!! Your family is just so precious! Such sweet little boys and Lauren is stunning. You look so beautiful and I love the ones of you and Rob too. I think your hair looks pretty! Glad you got to take a little trip for Spring Break....that sounds fun!

  3. Your family pictures are great!! The wind was blowing here so our pictures did not turn out so well. Your kiddos are getting so big. Evan still talks about Jaden every time we drive past your old house!!

  4. All of you look so cute! Love the tennis shoes with the dress clothes!

  5. Love your pics! Your hair is beautiful don't cut it!!! I wish I had long beautiful hair.

  6. The pics are so cute! Lauren looks so good in that color!

    I have to ask for a close up of your wreath, I seen it peaking through the pics!

  7. Beautiful Easter pictures! Y'all are a gorgeous family!

  8. Adorable pix and I love your hair! It looks amazing...I wouldn't change it!

  9. Hi Katie! You look so happy in these photos! I love Lauren's chic little dress! She's so stylish! The boys look so cute too! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!



  10. All of the pics were wonderful! I loved them all!

  11. I love it : ) Fabulous Easter pictures. I forgot shoes for Kaish too! And of course last years didn't fit. He told me he is too cool to wear dress shoes now anyway... oh well!

    LOVE the boys ties.
    And your shirt. You are so pretty.

  12. I am so behind on my commenting! I LOVE your hair! I wish my hair would grow out one length (too many layers)! Anyway, my fave picture is the one of you and Rob! Cute couple!!


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