Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute pictures and neat house

The last of our vacation pictures. I love this picture!!
We took a walk on one o the bridges in Newport, KY
Lauren being funny. She is really into making faces and sticking her tongue out.

We ate right on the Ohio River. There are some really neat places along the Ohio river in Cincinnati and Ky to eat. The kids loved the view of the Reds ballpark.
This was cute but Jaden was hugging Drew so hard he was getting mad. They are best buddies but can get on each others nerves too.
Love the view
I got out of the car and took some neat pictures. I love when all the trees are blooming, so pretty. Poor Drew has had horrible allergies but the trees are so pretty. Such a neat street, all historic homes along the river. Brick sidewalks, wrought iron fences, neat architecture.
Neat house

I love tree lined streets. It is a beautiful day today here. Hope you all are getting this gorgeous weather. That is the end our our little vacation tour (:


  1. Aww... looks like you all had SO much fun! You are all so adorable... what a beautiful family. I loved seeing your vacation photos. Makes me want to get away too! :)

  2. I love all the pictures! I really love the black and white one of you and the kids on the bridge! I love being in places like that, with history and neat things you don't see every day. Makes me want to take the kids to downtown Houston and just go exploring! :D

  3. saw these and thought you might be interested:

  4. BEAUTIFUL faves are the first one of the boys and that black/white shot on the bridge! Looks like tons of fun!

  5. Love your pics! All the reasons you love are the reasons I miss living there! I loved walking the bridges and going over to Newport and walking around! Yea for fun times!!


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