Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Marriage books I have ever read

These books have been around for a couple years but I haven't read them until now. I was listening to Focus On The Family and they had the authors on and I was amazed at their great insights on marriage and how men and woman think. So I bought the books and we have read them. The books are written like road maps to each other's brains. There are two books. One is for the ladies For Woman Only (about the man) and the Man reads For Men Only (about women). The information is very knowledgeable and honest. I have to tell you though I was a little angry at a couple things. These are deep open honest books that get in the head of each sex. I have read Every Man's Battle (great book) which is for men but Rob read it for a men's group and I remember reading and it and was shocked by so much. So when I read this I was not to shocked but it brought it back to my mind.
It takes you in a mans mind which emotionally is not as complex as what woman might think but sexually it is very complex. All those times when your man is quite and you think something is wrong, really it is nothing most times...The sexual part is what is the hard thing for woman to get. That men look at attractive woman regardless if they are a christian or not a christian happily married or not. That their mind can turn to lust very easy if they allow it. I read this and was questioning Rob on it and actually got mad about it. Then I realized this is the way God made him. He told me as the book did that you can control what you do with those thoughts. Kind of like art work you can admire it for it's beauty but then move on. I remember us talking about it a few weeks ago and I was irritated about it before we talked about it more. I said, a woman spends her whole life taking care of kids, trying to be a great homemaker, great wife, basically trying to meet a expectation of the perfect wife (which we all know is not realistic) and their man is still looking at other woman!! aaahhh!! I said flip it around.. Well his book did actually. It shows that We woman need to feel secure and that we are insecure, remember the Beth Moore Post I did? Well it is a unavoidable problem for most woman. The Men's book shows how to talk to your wife and show her that you love her, value her and how you have eyes only for her as far as lust and fulfillment. It is is a conscious effort on both ends to show love and respect. It also goes on to say how men need to feel respected more then anything! That most men want to be your knight and shinning armor and want to be able to fix things for you and help. That they want to feel valued and praised. That they want their wife to dress pretty for them and be romantic. Men like romance and affection, contrary to what most woman think.
The books are done very well and they have surveys to prove their finding and ways to help build your marriage, and protect it. It is for struggling marriages and strong marriages. It has really helped me and made me realize how I can make my husband feel more valued, loved and praised. I think those are great things! The man's book is rooting for us too ladies it shows specific ways our husbands can make us feel secure, and when we want to talk about something since we have 30 things running in our head at one time he will realize why talking out issues is so important. We are complicated, but this book makes him understand our deep heart issues and why we feel the way we do. I feel these books could help a lot of marriages, future heart aches and problems. These are the best marriage books I have ever read and I feel they are vital for all relationships.


  1. Those sound great, Katie.....if only I could get Morgan to read a book. Haha!!

  2. I read for women only years ago and LOVE IT!!! I didn't realize they had one for men ... I've got to go get it!!

  3. I never read "For Men Only". But I think I will get James' out and read it. We are doing this study right now in Sunday School. Such wonderful tools for your marriage!

  4. Thank you for sharing these. I have the "For Women Only" but have yet to read it ... sounds like I should get the companion edition, too!

    And yes, you may use the photos of Ian. Thanks so much for asking.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about these books. I have the "For Women Only" and started reading it and then didn't get a chance to finish (like many books!!)...so thank you for the reminder!


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