Friday, April 30, 2010

This is why...

I believe in Adoption!~ This is my friend Stephanie's baby boy at 4 mo old weighing 6.5 pounds at 4 months old.

Stephanie and her husband are missionaries in Chile, they are really awesome people who have a heart for the Lord and adoption. You can read more about the amazing journey they went through to adopt these two precious little men from Haiti.
Below is a updated picture of the boys, the little boy on top is now the healthy boy on the bottom right. His adorable brother is named Alec. Aren't those cute names?
If God is laying this on your heart that possibly adoption could be for you, I would love to talk and pray for you about this.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Marriage books I have ever read

These books have been around for a couple years but I haven't read them until now. I was listening to Focus On The Family and they had the authors on and I was amazed at their great insights on marriage and how men and woman think. So I bought the books and we have read them. The books are written like road maps to each other's brains. There are two books. One is for the ladies For Woman Only (about the man) and the Man reads For Men Only (about women). The information is very knowledgeable and honest. I have to tell you though I was a little angry at a couple things. These are deep open honest books that get in the head of each sex. I have read Every Man's Battle (great book) which is for men but Rob read it for a men's group and I remember reading and it and was shocked by so much. So when I read this I was not to shocked but it brought it back to my mind.
It takes you in a mans mind which emotionally is not as complex as what woman might think but sexually it is very complex. All those times when your man is quite and you think something is wrong, really it is nothing most times...The sexual part is what is the hard thing for woman to get. That men look at attractive woman regardless if they are a christian or not a christian happily married or not. That their mind can turn to lust very easy if they allow it. I read this and was questioning Rob on it and actually got mad about it. Then I realized this is the way God made him. He told me as the book did that you can control what you do with those thoughts. Kind of like art work you can admire it for it's beauty but then move on. I remember us talking about it a few weeks ago and I was irritated about it before we talked about it more. I said, a woman spends her whole life taking care of kids, trying to be a great homemaker, great wife, basically trying to meet a expectation of the perfect wife (which we all know is not realistic) and their man is still looking at other woman!! aaahhh!! I said flip it around.. Well his book did actually. It shows that We woman need to feel secure and that we are insecure, remember the Beth Moore Post I did? Well it is a unavoidable problem for most woman. The Men's book shows how to talk to your wife and show her that you love her, value her and how you have eyes only for her as far as lust and fulfillment. It is is a conscious effort on both ends to show love and respect. It also goes on to say how men need to feel respected more then anything! That most men want to be your knight and shinning armor and want to be able to fix things for you and help. That they want to feel valued and praised. That they want their wife to dress pretty for them and be romantic. Men like romance and affection, contrary to what most woman think.
The books are done very well and they have surveys to prove their finding and ways to help build your marriage, and protect it. It is for struggling marriages and strong marriages. It has really helped me and made me realize how I can make my husband feel more valued, loved and praised. I think those are great things! The man's book is rooting for us too ladies it shows specific ways our husbands can make us feel secure, and when we want to talk about something since we have 30 things running in our head at one time he will realize why talking out issues is so important. We are complicated, but this book makes him understand our deep heart issues and why we feel the way we do. I feel these books could help a lot of marriages, future heart aches and problems. These are the best marriage books I have ever read and I feel they are vital for all relationships.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New stuff around the house

Hi friends!! What a week we have had. Okay I never knew what a pain all of this tonsil stuff would be. Poor Drew did great but is still having pain. He is being very stubborn and not taking his medicine. It takes me a hr or more to get him to comply. Then within 10 min he is much better. He still has not figured out we are just trying to help him. He is very picky and has a easy gag reflux so you can imagine. He still is not sleeping at night normal. He wakes up at least 6 times a night yelling and crying in his sleep. He is in a night terror stage basically and he is not rested at all he keeps thrashing in his bed. I don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced your child not sleeping after a surgery? Giving him Tylenol at this time is not easy at all, he is out of it and I can't get him awake enough. It has been a long week with no sleep. I am not trying to complain!! It could be so much worse and I have so much to be thankful for, I am just tired!! Anyways, I have been home a lot lately so I took a few pictures of some things around the house that are newer.
I found the above plate at HomeGoods. I really like it and could have bought a few more. It is heavy and a really pretty cream color. I love HomeGoods, best store ever!!
Here is my new Ballard Design Clock. It is so heavy I decided to place it against the wall on my dresser for now. I really like it and for $30 I still can't believe it.
Hello!! I feel dead I never knew how bad bags under my eyes could get, until now!! You ever have that fake coffee high to keep you going all day? I hate that! This lighting is bad so that is a good thing.
I changed the kids bathroom up a little and got a new white shower curtain and added this shelf. It used to be bright pink. I just spray painted it black and added these neat boats.
I bought two of these topiaries off of Craigslist for $40 they are pretty nice heavy trees in neat wood planters. They would look great on a front porch. If I had a covered porch they would be perfect, but since I don't I put them inside for now. I am afraid the wood might rot.
Champ's bed!! Isn't that cute? He doesn't lay in it much but I liked it.
I found these glass finial things at Hobby Lobby for like $4 a piece they were originally $39 a piece. I think they are pretty neat.
I have some fun pictures to share in the next few days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Still Alive here

We are still doing okay. Poor Drew has been worse the last day or so. Apparently the scabs fall off where the tonsils were and it makes the throat feel like glass when you swallow. He is good and bad through the day. The nights are the worse and we have not slept normal ever since day one of the surgery. I am really hoping it gets better for all of us, I feel like I have a newborn again. I called the Doc today and he told me that he is in pain that is why he is being so restless at night, so we are trying the Tylenol with Codeine again. The first night is seemed to make him more restless. I keep second guessing myself hoping it is all worth it. It breaks my heart seeing him cry almost all day and be so miserable. He drew this picture above. Jesus on the cross with the thieves he called it. He explained how one accepted and one didn't. So special, the red is the blood he explained and got very serious about that explanation.
Thought these were cute of Lauren. I took them on Sunday, she really does look cute in so many outfits. It has been fun to dress her. She is finally getting the whole potty thing down. So around all this Drew stuff we have been potty training. She decided to be in control of it so it is hard to say not now. Hopefully soon we will be done with diapers once and for all. This mama has changed a lot of diapers!! I miss reading blogs and checking on so many of you sweet creative friends. I have been drained. My mom came into town to surprise me at the last minute. It is so nice to have her here. She is able to entertain the kids and help out. So nice to just drink coffee and talk, we have a lot of catching up to do.
I am feeling grateful for having both my mom and mother and law to help this week. I keep picturing all the kids in the hospital where the certainty is not known, where surgery risks are much higher, where there may not be a end in sight. The feeling of surgery being performed and not knowing if everything is going to be okay. The reality of how hard life can be at times. The feeling of your child or other peoples children hurting breaks my heart. I hate to complain and I am so thankful little Drew is doing well. I am grateful for so much.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update, thank you for praying

Drew did great!! Here he is this morning bright and early at 5:30 am.
We were blessed with the sweetest most kindest nurses. They had a stuffed animal waiting for him, socks and a coloring book. God Bless good caring nurses!! It makes a huge difference for the kids and the parents.
Here is Drew after his surgery. It was really hard seeing him when he was waking up. He woke up screaming for me and asking to go home. It was pretty pathetic and I felt helpless. They gave him some morphine and he slept it off and woke up much better. I laid next to him for a couple hours on the bed and he did much better, and then we went home.
When we got home he wanted to play his new toy, a Nintendo DS. This really helped ease his nerves knowing that he had a surprise at home waiting for him. He looks pretty good for just having surgery. My mother in Law is here to help with Lauren so I am very thankful. Rob is out getting some medicine and a few other things for Drew.
I am so thankful for all the wonderful people God has brought in my life. I had so many people praying for us. My anxiety was so good. I stayed strong for Drew and I am proud of myself for that. He cried when they wheeled him away and I kept a smile on my face fighting the tears. I felt very at ease and I credit that to prayers. So thank you so much you all Bless my heart!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pray for Drew

Please pray for Drew. Tomorrow he is getting his tonsils and adenoids out. He has been a bad sleeper for a long time and snores. I took him in to the ENT a couple months ago and his right tonsil is so big he can barley breathe from that side. I have been pretty calm the last week. I owe that to prayer. I have a lot of anxiety that comes from Dr's and surgery. Since Drew had a major surgery at 5 mo I am paralyzed by fear every time we go to the Dr. Mostly in fear that I am going to get bad news. It was such a shock when he was a little man that I have such fear for the worst. I know, not a fun way to live. I am getting better with time and my anxiety comes and goes. I don't want to ever be in that case again but I am thankful to God for seeing us all through that time and making me a more empathetic and stronger Christan though it. I am trusting Him in all ways!! So this week I have been very good so thank you for praying friends. Pray for Dr. and nurses tomorrow for them to be alert and for Drew to have a quick recovery without a lot of pain. Thanks so much in advance. I will update soon.
He is the sweetest most gentle ladies man you have ever seen(: He loves hugs and kisses and telling the ladies how pretty they are.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute pictures and neat house

The last of our vacation pictures. I love this picture!!
We took a walk on one o the bridges in Newport, KY
Lauren being funny. She is really into making faces and sticking her tongue out.

We ate right on the Ohio River. There are some really neat places along the Ohio river in Cincinnati and Ky to eat. The kids loved the view of the Reds ballpark.
This was cute but Jaden was hugging Drew so hard he was getting mad. They are best buddies but can get on each others nerves too.
Love the view
I got out of the car and took some neat pictures. I love when all the trees are blooming, so pretty. Poor Drew has had horrible allergies but the trees are so pretty. Such a neat street, all historic homes along the river. Brick sidewalks, wrought iron fences, neat architecture.
Neat house

I love tree lined streets. It is a beautiful day today here. Hope you all are getting this gorgeous weather. That is the end our our little vacation tour (:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Newport Aquarium

We took the kids to the Newport Aquarium. It is really neat. Rob and I went to this when it first opened years ago and enjoyed it. Now we are taking our three kids!! Wow time goes by fast. The boys went to one similar when we went to Myrtle Beach a few years ago and enjoyed it. So we thought they would enjoy it even more now and Miss Lauren loves animals so it was so fun!
Pretty dark in there and hard to take pictures. The kids kept asking me to take pictures of everything so I am sharing a small amount of the many animals they wanted me to take pictures of. It is so hard to take pictures with glass and a really dark room, it was great practice actually.
The floor is glass, neat!!
Jaden pet a shark. Drew and Lauren said "no"
I pet it and if felt like rubber. They seemed shy and sweet. They must have been nice sharks.
The penguins were really neat. There was stadium seating where you could watch them swim, jump up on the ice, and play. It was so neat seeing them fly above the water and leap back down as they played amongst themselves. They were so cute. They seemed so happy. I could watch them for hours, there where also otters that were so friendly and amusing with the same style viewing.
Your separated by 2 1/2 inches of thick glass material. Pretty neat how they swim above your head.
Jaden saw a shark!!

They had tons of Jelly fish I really like this picture.
Lauren loved it all.

On the way in. Jaden, Drew and Daddy and Lauren running to catch up. Usually she is in the lead of all things.
Drew loves turtles, so I took probably 20 pictures of turtles. I will delete a few later.
Lauren kept calling this one "Nemo" I am sure most kids do this. That is a great movie that I don't mind watching over and over.
Cute picture but Jaden has his eyes shut, so bright. We had so much fun. I only have a few pictures of us eating out left and going on a walk. I hope you have enjoyed coming along on a tour of our little trip.

Monday, April 12, 2010

One of My favorite stores

Can you guess it?
Getting closer??
You guessed it!!
This was a Outlet so some savings helped but even as a outlet it was still expensive. I did get that great clock, you can see in the picture above. It looks like a giant pocket watch. It was $250 for only $30!! Now that was a great deal, that was the only great deal though. There were a lot of pillow covers but only one. So you would have to be a frequent shopper to get matches. It all depends on what is returned too. The dented furniture was about 30-40% off of retail which if your familiar with this catalog is still a ton. I love the accessories though and I have bought some from the catalog. The quality is very good. Although the furniture is not solid wood, the same with Pottery Barn. It is still really nice though. I told Rob I could buy everything in the store except a few weird things that I don't like. Of course the stuff is way over my budget so I am dreaming. I will be back to get some more good deals in few months, I think it was worth looking. The parent company Frontgate also has a outlet here and a few other stores in the same building. So it was fun shopping!!

Only a few more stops on our little trip. Hope you have a great Monday!!

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