Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White seems to be the new color of 2010

Everywhere I look white is the color. On most of the home decor blogs I read they are all going really light or white. I love the fresh feel that this all brings, it makes me think of the beach. I just don't know how practical it is for a family with kids. It does make you happy though it brings a feeling of fresh, light and airy. It seems so funny that on all the HGTV shows they talk about color, color, and color to the point where I think it is to much. Think orange walls, no thank you!! I love watching HGTV but I feel like I have learned more from blogs. I feel like these blogging girls have a better sense of style then some of the stuff I see on TV. I wonder what the trends will be in ten years from now and what we will laugh about that we think is so stylish now? I really think when it comes down to it your home should be what you like. That way your always happy with it, and you can make small changes without going out and buying the trendiest decor (think chief people and grapes) I just made new curtains or should I say bough curtains and made my own valances. I will post pictures soon, I think it really lightened up everything. So I am going with some of the white trend.
I really like this look. It has the whites but also a little color. I really like white cabinets with dark wood floors. That is one of my favorite kitchen looks.
I don't see this couch in our future!!
What do you think of the trend?


  1. I love it! This morning on TV they were talking about how homes are returning to the 'fresh' new look of light and white colors! I have light color walls with brown furniture and light colored wood floors! I do not know if families with chilren and pets fall in this catagory, only if they do not want their children to be normal! LOL

    Now for clothes, Good Morning America says it is all about Denim! Light color denim, purses, jeans and even shoes! This reminds me of my ol' days in the 70's! LOL This is cracking me up!

    I love it!

  2. Ha! How long would that couch last in a house full of kids? :D I think the white is very cheerful, but probably wouldn't stay white for long around here!

  3. Wouldn't that figure... after I painted almost everything black that white would be 'in'! LOL That's ok... I still like my black. I have started to add touches of white around the house though. I like touches of it here and there! And that couch... we don't have kids and it wouldn't stay crisp and clean white for long! :)

  4. You know I love white! I would have an all white on white decorated home if I could, but I just can't get rid of perfectly good furniture we paid a lot of money for!

  5. I think the same thing Katie! It is SO pretty but it is very impractical for families with kids. I love how WOW it looks when you first see it though. All crisp and clean! : )

    Gary keeps telling me we should NOT paint the walls because white is SO in. He just doesn't want to pay for paint etc : )

  6. I'm loving all the white too!! I am getting ready to start my spring '10 project... painting my kitchen cabinets white and the walls butter cream... it's going to be so bright and fresh!! :)


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