Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Yep, that is me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. On one hand it is good because you know where I stand. You don't have to guess how I am feeling or what I think about something. I care to much and I am so sensitive to the point it hurts me. The problem is that you make yourself vulnerable to others . You are easily hurt, because you put yourself out there. There have been times that I have asked God why did you make me this way??
I want to be strong and not care what others think. I want to be so secure in who I am that I can brush off my shoulders and move on. I have realized over time and with age. That is one good thing about age is that you do get wiser. I have learned that some people really don't care how they make another person feel by how they act or what they say. That some people are just that way and you have to be the bigger person and just stand up for what you believe in and move on. Oh how I wish I could be more like my husband at times. He is so strong in who he is. He doesn't have to say anything and he is secure in how feels and who he is with. What a gift. I know God has made us all different ways for reasons that only He can understand. As time moves I don't want to change the person I am I just want to be able to handle certain personalities without taking it personal. I always need to keep my number one God in my life and please him with all I do and say. That I stand behind what I believe even when it is not the popular belief. That I am not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk. I feel when I am most secure in who I am is when I am walking with Him hand in hand. With my eyes focused on Him and Him molding me to be more like Him. That is my desire!!


  1. You are right on track. Stay focused. Be strong. There will always be people that dont agree/like/respect/etc. us. BUT we are here to please God not Man. Althought, we must realize they are God's creation, and love them, but be willing to accept. . . "we aint ever gonna be best friends sister!"
    Stay far away from Pride.
    Think of others more than yourself.
    You know the "drill", and it aint easy.

  2. Amen! Stand up for what your beliefs are! For wearing your heart on your sleeve, I do the same and I will stand "strong" in my beliefs! No matter what anyone else thinks! We do get wiser as we get older, I can't say that I turn the other cheek any daughter tells me I am so like the woman on "The Blind Side" I stand strong on my beliefs! I think that is a good thing, we need more Christians standing together!

    One of the girls on B's basketball team said one time, "B tells you what she thinks, she doesn't hold anything back, but that is a good thing, you know where she stands and it helps us to become better teammates"

    I am proud of you and your compasion for others!

  3. Great post, Katie. I am like that too. I just cannot fake anything though, so often I will say what I think and then I get all insecure, like oh why did I say that?! I analyze everything I say to people, which is why I have always been so quiet. I think i learned a long time ago, if you just don't say much, you won't have to worry. I am learning though, that I'm not being who God made me to be if I just retreat and am not social. I am learning to be more secure and really learning who I am, instead of who I think others wanted me to be. My blog though, is who I truly am. That is why I believe no one in real life will ever know the real me unless they are reading my blog. Haha!!

  4. Amen! Than k u from a fellow heart on her sleeve gal.blessings to you as you continue in your faithful, obedient walk with God


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