Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pillowcase dress and prayer request

I love these little dresses. I first heard about them from a friend when we lived in AR. They are so cute and easy to make. I was always a little scared to make it honestly. I am not the best sewer I bought a machine a couple years ago and I had never touched one in my life. I thought it might be fun to make small things around the house. I found a tutorial on these things a long time ago and printed off the armhole pattern. Another mom friend gave me some more pointers recently and so this last week I made her one. It didn't turn out to bad. Don't look to close (: it was easy, fun and cheap to make. I have some really cute cupcake material to use next time.
Keep Lauren in your prayers she has had some abnormal iron levels for the past 6 months. We have had her tested several times despite her being on vitamins it is still low. They also tested her for some genetic iron issues but all came back negative. I should hear something soon about this weeks test. I can't handle any more blood tests they have really hurt her. She has small veins and they have really poked her a ton. Very hard to watch. Thanks so much!!
The Dr. called a little while ago. It went up one point, which is great news. We will retest at her 3yr check but I am happy, thank so much for prayer!!


  1. Hi Katie, We will certainly keep Lauren in our prayers! I hope she doesn't have to endure any more testing! That is not fun.

    That little dress is too cute! Great job!!

    Also, I would love to come by sometime soon, but maybe not for a couple of weeks. My mom has been admitted to a nursing home and I am just plain tuckered out! But, we'll definitely get something planned soon, ok?

    Plus, it's almost yard sale season....we'll have to go out "saleing"!!


  2. The dress turned out so cute! Great job!
    PS I will put Lauren on the prayer list at church! I'm sure all will be well.:)

  3. Ohh... poor thing! I feel so bad for her! She will be in our prayers for some good news this week. She looks adorable in that dress... good job! And using cupcake material... how cute will that be!

  4. I just said a prayer for Lauren. I hope you get some answers soon. Keep us posted.

    I think you did a great job on the dress. Aren't they just adorable. I love seeing little girls in pillowcase dresses.

  5. Prayers for that sweet little girl!

    You did great on the pillow case dress, too cute!

  6. Oh my goodness, that dress is just so adorable!!!! I love it! I fooled around when Kaylee was little and made a few of them, but I would really have to work on it and perfect it to be able to make them for my shop. I really need to just sit down, learn a simple dress pattern, and go to town making different sizes and using different fabrics. That would be my dream to be able to sew things like that for my shop!

    I will pray for Lauren. I hope that everything turns out to be okay!!

  7. Can you message me the pattern you found? I want to make those dresses this summer. THANKS!

  8. That dress is adorable!!! :) I'll keep poor little Lauren in my prayers... lab work is NOT fun! :(

  9. Will say a prayer for little Lauren. I have been battling iron issues myself the past month. Mine got down to 9 (supposed to be 50 and above). After taking iron for 30 days it's up to 12 but still very anemic. I feel your pain!! I am just praying it will get back up so i don't have to have a blood transfusion.

  10. Hi Katie!
    Thanks for the post about Port Orleans I'll respond ASAP.

    I hope that Lauren is better. She's in my prayers. Our family including (aunts, uncles and cousins) are currently get tested for the gene that overproduces too much iron. A few of the males in my family over produce iron and it's affecting their organs. I could be a carrier as well, so my son could be affected. Our particular gene is that the females are carriers, but the male offspring get really sick. I had never heard of this before.
    It's not pleasant to see your child sick. Take care and lots of hugs!


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