Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Curtains or Mistreatment's I should say

I love these curtains. I found them in longer lengths for our bedroom and for the office. They are a really neat tan/white damask. I found them at the JC Penny outlet for a great price. I was there a couple weeks ago and I kept hoping to find more to put them somewhere else. They are a last years style so there are not many to be found. I did find them in the shorter length of 40"X63" so I though I could make new valances out of them for my kitchen windows. I liked my previous valances but I wanted something brighter and lighter for summer. So for $15 I cut off the pinch pleat tops.
Then I just sewed the seams down. Instead of hanging them vertical which would not work since my windows are bigger then 40" and I have two of them. I hung them horizontal so that they could work as valances, I would have needed many more since the curtains width was not very big but the length was great. Since they are valances you don't need curtain length so it worked perfect although the print is not horizontal. I think this is a easy, cheap solution to getting valances. So many valances are not as cute, but curtains are. In this case you could almost buy one long panel and make your valances to suit your window. Oh and I am not much of a sewer at all this is just a straight line. You could even use a glue gun to make hem.
Once they were hanging they hit the edge of the windows and I of course want to keep light in so I flipped the material under until I got to were I wanted them hung and used a furniture tack to pin them where I wanted on the inside of the window. Two tacks on each window. Then I used a pin to do a little scrunch in the middle. I love mistreatment's (: Thank You Nester New cheap mistreatment's!!


  1. Love it!! I did a mistreatment valence in my kitchen window too. I don't sew so I used a glue gun, so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE those! BEAUTIFUL! :) Great job!

  3. Those look SO good! You did awesome!

  4. That was a great idea and looks great!!! We have almost the same kitchen cabinets, it looks like!


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