Saturday, March 20, 2010

My little baseball player

First, I would love to have these gorgeous eyes!! Second this little 2yr old has mad skills. She loves t-ball. She puts the ball on the Tee and hits the ball all the way across the yard. She loves to play.

My little Lauren, I mean my tall Lauren. She looks like she is 4!! She is really active (mom is tired) but we have been having a lot of fun. Rob is so excited about her athleticism that he went out and bought her left handed mitt, she is left handed!! Next he wants to get her a tennis racket, and golf clubs!!
Isn't this little shirt so cute? I am so impressed by Targets clothes for little girls. They are so cute and priced so well. With my daughter in clothes for about 2-3months and then needing basically a new wardrobe it is working out well. I am loving Target!! I also made Lauren a pillowcase dress yesterday. I will post a picture. I didn't use my really really cute materiel but my in the middle cute material to do a test run. I will post pictures soon!!


  1. ok - i know we have said a million times that our girls are so much alike. reading this post i will say it again. norah is so athletic - AND - she is a lefty too!

  2. she's so lovely! we played yard t-ball today too, thank God for the sunshine!

  3. Yeah! I'm left-handed too! Tell Lauren that's cool! And I LOVE Target's clothes for girls...they are precious! I am all about saving some money and still looking cute!

  4. Oh my goodness... she does have *gorgeous* eyes! When she is smiling... her eyes even smile!! She is so darn cute holding onto the bat and trying to put the ball on the tee! :)


  5. Hi Katie,

    She is so cute and growing up so FAST!! Sounds like you have quite the little athlete on your hands!! You are going to have to keep her busy and worn out!

  6. She's so adorable, Katie!! Madison is left handed too. And I was at Target yesterday looking at their baby clothes and I noticed how cute everything is lately too! I am just loving all of their bright and colorful things! Lily is really tall and big for her age too. She will be 4 in August, but has been wearing size 5T for a year now. She just keeps getting taller and filling them out.

  7. Oh my goodness. I can not believe how much older she looks. She is SO cute. Really adorable. Can not wait to see the dress! Will you post it on facebook too? Can you tag me so I can see it?


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