Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lauren and Champ

I thought these were so cute!! Champ is doing better he doesn't have very many accidents anymore. The kids love him and he tolerates a lot. If you can imagine having three kids pulling, carrying, and poking you all day. He doesn't seem to mind much. I had never heard of Havanese before we started researching dogs. When we were sitting at church last Sunday in the little coffee area some of our friends came up that we have been getting to know. All three of them have Havanese's. What are the Chances? They are neat dogs, very social, funny, entertaining, happy. The best part no shedding, or smell.

Have a good Wednesday. I am still recovering from yesterday. I went to school to help Jaden's class for a while. I had to get there early to take pictures. I had a whole list of staff for the yearbook. I went and helped Jaden's teacher with the computer area. I take six kids at a time and then bring each one over separately to test them on flash cards. When I was done I went back to finding more staff, and then taking candid's of each grade level. It was a great workout walking around the school. I can't be heavily involved in the PTO yet so I do yearbook and I really like it. It is one time of year that I am really busy and that is it. In a couple years maybe I can do more. Then I ate lunch with Jaden. One of the lunch aide's came up to me and said what a good kid he is. Hearing stuff like that makes you realize all your parenting is paying off.


  1. I love those photos!!! Lauren is so precious! I wish we had a dog that didn't shed! We have a chihuahua and she sheds bad at times.

  2. What cute pictures. The doggy is adorable. My parents have a dog that is part havenese part shi tzu and it's the friendliest little thing. I'm amazed at how gentle she is with the boys. Lauren is getting so big and cuter every day!!!

  3. she is the most adorable little girl!! I love these pictures of her with the puppy!! My two favorite things: kids and dogs!! :)

  4. So cute! Where do you get Lauren's bows at?? I love it when people compliment me about Molly's behavior!

  5. I love this picture of Champ and the baby : ) They are both getting so big! How cool is that about the yearbook! You are a great Mom!


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