Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love Sonic and my terrible two's toddler!!

I took these pictures the other day. We went through the Sonic and I got myself a diet vanilla Coke and I didn't' get Lauren anything this time. I felt bad but we were going right home, and I didn't want to get her pop. It was so cute she pulled out her little cup on her car seat and waited patiently for her drink. Sadly she did not get one, I feel like a bad mom writing this now. I did give her the mint (: After lunch I find her drinking my drink and eating the cup!!! Now that is love for Sonic!!
This was right after!! Hard to get mad at such a sweet face. Enjoy your day everyone!! We have had the nicest weather lately, we are all loving it. I am also feeling very grateful. I have been stuck in a complaining rut. I will elaborate more later. Thankful for a godly hard working husband!!!


  1. She is so darn cute! Now that is some love for Sonic! ;) It isn't fair for you... how could you get mad at a face like that!
    (psst... giveaway time!)

  2. Katie, don't feel bad, I have a two year old who always wants a "wooot beer" when I go to Sonic too, but I don't always let him have one either. Then just like yours, he finds mine and drinks it too! Got to love Sonic drinks!

  3. Yes, it would be hard to get mad at such a cutie! :) I've been stuck in a rut these past few days too.....hope I can climb out of it soon! We had nice weather this weekend and now it's back to rainy/dreary :( Hope you have a great day, Katie!!

  4. What a character that Lauren is. It's definitely a tough age but they do some of the most adorable little things! I'm pretty sure Isaac would have gone nutso had I not given him a pop. That boy loves pop, bad I know!

  5. Molly would totally do that! We had wonderful weather yesterday but it has rained like 4 days in row so it's really muddy to go outside and play!

  6. This made me laugh so hard : ) You know it is good if she eats the cup! : )


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