Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dresser re-do

Here is the before. I have had this for a few years. It never really stood out. Although I liked the color It did not do much for the piece. It is a very old antique ( I just diminished the value, I am sure) I don't decorate for value (: Anyway since I put my new hutch here I wanted to move this thing somewhere else. So I moved it out into my living area. I simply painted it black and added new knobs. I really like it much better. It is true if you have anything around your house that your not crazy about but you use it or like, why not change it up. You can enlarge the picture below since the hardware is hard to see. Aren't those topiaries cute too? I found them at the thrift store. They are really nice ones too. You never know what your going to find at those places. Living here in Ohio near a big city is great for finding treasures. There is a huge population of people and we have a ton of these thrift stores. Sometimes they are junky but sometimes depending on what area you are in you can find great finds.
Like my enormous bird cage? No birds, although I love birds I like it for looks mostly. It is a unique piece that fills a huge tall wall. I love it!!


  1. That looks really good! I have a small bombe chest I am debating on painting black, I may just have to do it now! Love the bird cage too!

  2. Another great job, Katie! Wow, if I could just get you over here to TX for a weekend, my old furniture would be looking good! Ha!

  3. Great job! I would never think to just paint something and end up with a whole new piece of furniture!

  4. WOW!! I love the result! It looks amazing!! :) Thank you for sharing the photos! :)

  5. Hey! I found your blog from families for domestic adoptions! I would love to follow your blog and feel free to follow ours! We were adopting from Uganda but due to government problems we are now adopting domestically!

  6. Hi Katie! The little dresser looks great! Black always grounds a room and helps to balance the eye....I like a touch of black in many of my rooms too!

    I got your note and wanted to let you know that I am OK! It has been a terrible past two weeks, and I am exhausted beyond words, but things are looking up now. Thank you so much for caring! You are a sweetie!

    We will connect soon, I promise!!



  7. I love the birdcage! :) I miss ya!


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