Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dresser re-do

Here is the before. I have had this for a few years. It never really stood out. Although I liked the color It did not do much for the piece. It is a very old antique ( I just diminished the value, I am sure) I don't decorate for value (: Anyway since I put my new hutch here I wanted to move this thing somewhere else. So I moved it out into my living area. I simply painted it black and added new knobs. I really like it much better. It is true if you have anything around your house that your not crazy about but you use it or like, why not change it up. You can enlarge the picture below since the hardware is hard to see. Aren't those topiaries cute too? I found them at the thrift store. They are really nice ones too. You never know what your going to find at those places. Living here in Ohio near a big city is great for finding treasures. There is a huge population of people and we have a ton of these thrift stores. Sometimes they are junky but sometimes depending on what area you are in you can find great finds.
Like my enormous bird cage? No birds, although I love birds I like it for looks mostly. It is a unique piece that fills a huge tall wall. I love it!!

Jaden's black eye

This was actually a week later I forgot to take a picture the first few days. It looks so much better even now. Last week he woke up crying in the middle of the night which he never does. I went in his room and he was on the floor just sobbing. So I thought he was having a bad dream. I just picked him up and put him back in bed and gave him a hug. Much to our surprise the next morning which was sat he could barely open his eye it was so swollen. I immediately knew it was from the previous night. I felt like mom of the year at that moment. We put ice on it which helped and now over a week later it is gone. He apparently fell out of his bed and hit somewhere. He has a million books on his night stand and floor and he scraped them all. Rob kept telling him to tell people that he wrestled a bear. I took him to his 7 yr check that same week. I just loved going in with my kid having a black eye. His Dr. didn't think a thing, thank goodness (:
Looking better!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Curtains or Mistreatment's I should say

I love these curtains. I found them in longer lengths for our bedroom and for the office. They are a really neat tan/white damask. I found them at the JC Penny outlet for a great price. I was there a couple weeks ago and I kept hoping to find more to put them somewhere else. They are a last years style so there are not many to be found. I did find them in the shorter length of 40"X63" so I though I could make new valances out of them for my kitchen windows. I liked my previous valances but I wanted something brighter and lighter for summer. So for $15 I cut off the pinch pleat tops.
Then I just sewed the seams down. Instead of hanging them vertical which would not work since my windows are bigger then 40" and I have two of them. I hung them horizontal so that they could work as valances, I would have needed many more since the curtains width was not very big but the length was great. Since they are valances you don't need curtain length so it worked perfect although the print is not horizontal. I think this is a easy, cheap solution to getting valances. So many valances are not as cute, but curtains are. In this case you could almost buy one long panel and make your valances to suit your window. Oh and I am not much of a sewer at all this is just a straight line. You could even use a glue gun to make hem.
Once they were hanging they hit the edge of the windows and I of course want to keep light in so I flipped the material under until I got to were I wanted them hung and used a furniture tack to pin them where I wanted on the inside of the window. Two tacks on each window. Then I used a pin to do a little scrunch in the middle. I love mistreatment's (: Thank You Nester New cheap mistreatment's!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Yep, that is me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. On one hand it is good because you know where I stand. You don't have to guess how I am feeling or what I think about something. I care to much and I am so sensitive to the point it hurts me. The problem is that you make yourself vulnerable to others . You are easily hurt, because you put yourself out there. There have been times that I have asked God why did you make me this way??
I want to be strong and not care what others think. I want to be so secure in who I am that I can brush off my shoulders and move on. I have realized over time and with age. That is one good thing about age is that you do get wiser. I have learned that some people really don't care how they make another person feel by how they act or what they say. That some people are just that way and you have to be the bigger person and just stand up for what you believe in and move on. Oh how I wish I could be more like my husband at times. He is so strong in who he is. He doesn't have to say anything and he is secure in how feels and who he is with. What a gift. I know God has made us all different ways for reasons that only He can understand. As time moves I don't want to change the person I am I just want to be able to handle certain personalities without taking it personal. I always need to keep my number one God in my life and please him with all I do and say. That I stand behind what I believe even when it is not the popular belief. That I am not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk. I feel when I am most secure in who I am is when I am walking with Him hand in hand. With my eyes focused on Him and Him molding me to be more like Him. That is my desire!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pillowcase dress and prayer request

I love these little dresses. I first heard about them from a friend when we lived in AR. They are so cute and easy to make. I was always a little scared to make it honestly. I am not the best sewer I bought a machine a couple years ago and I had never touched one in my life. I thought it might be fun to make small things around the house. I found a tutorial on these things a long time ago and printed off the armhole pattern. Another mom friend gave me some more pointers recently and so this last week I made her one. It didn't turn out to bad. Don't look to close (: it was easy, fun and cheap to make. I have some really cute cupcake material to use next time.
Keep Lauren in your prayers she has had some abnormal iron levels for the past 6 months. We have had her tested several times despite her being on vitamins it is still low. They also tested her for some genetic iron issues but all came back negative. I should hear something soon about this weeks test. I can't handle any more blood tests they have really hurt her. She has small veins and they have really poked her a ton. Very hard to watch. Thanks so much!!
The Dr. called a little while ago. It went up one point, which is great news. We will retest at her 3yr check but I am happy, thank so much for prayer!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White seems to be the new color of 2010

Everywhere I look white is the color. On most of the home decor blogs I read they are all going really light or white. I love the fresh feel that this all brings, it makes me think of the beach. I just don't know how practical it is for a family with kids. It does make you happy though it brings a feeling of fresh, light and airy. It seems so funny that on all the HGTV shows they talk about color, color, and color to the point where I think it is to much. Think orange walls, no thank you!! I love watching HGTV but I feel like I have learned more from blogs. I feel like these blogging girls have a better sense of style then some of the stuff I see on TV. I wonder what the trends will be in ten years from now and what we will laugh about that we think is so stylish now? I really think when it comes down to it your home should be what you like. That way your always happy with it, and you can make small changes without going out and buying the trendiest decor (think chief people and grapes) I just made new curtains or should I say bough curtains and made my own valances. I will post pictures soon, I think it really lightened up everything. So I am going with some of the white trend.
I really like this look. It has the whites but also a little color. I really like white cabinets with dark wood floors. That is one of my favorite kitchen looks.
I don't see this couch in our future!!
What do you think of the trend?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My little baseball player

First, I would love to have these gorgeous eyes!! Second this little 2yr old has mad skills. She loves t-ball. She puts the ball on the Tee and hits the ball all the way across the yard. She loves to play.

My little Lauren, I mean my tall Lauren. She looks like she is 4!! She is really active (mom is tired) but we have been having a lot of fun. Rob is so excited about her athleticism that he went out and bought her left handed mitt, she is left handed!! Next he wants to get her a tennis racket, and golf clubs!!
Isn't this little shirt so cute? I am so impressed by Targets clothes for little girls. They are so cute and priced so well. With my daughter in clothes for about 2-3months and then needing basically a new wardrobe it is working out well. I am loving Target!! I also made Lauren a pillowcase dress yesterday. I will post a picture. I didn't use my really really cute materiel but my in the middle cute material to do a test run. I will post pictures soon!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Garden Bunny

Is anyone else having problems loading pictures on Blogger? They used to go right to the center but lately they won't move and they keep going to the left of my screen. I finally found a big bunny to put in my yard. He is so heavy it is unreal. The things probably weighs 70# I bought him at HomeGoods. That is one of my favorite stores ever I think. What a selection and such great prices!!! Hope everyone has a been having beautiful weather, we sure have. Since the weather has been so nice we have been outside a lot therefore I am way behind on all my house work. Oh well, it will be here when I come back in. I am trying to keep a good balance between loving a clean home and realizing that my kids want me to go outside and play and that a clean house is not that important. I love that saying "A clean house is a wasted life" Funny, I tell myself that one when I feel lazy or would rather do something else. I just have to tell myself it isn't dirty just messy. The satisfaction I get from the clean house is only for about 1hr after I am done anyway. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A few picture with the kids and a good attitude!!

We took a few pictures last week. I think it has been about 6months since I have had a picture with all my kids. I think they turned out cute, totally candid but fun. I have no idea why the pictures loaded so weird??
Life is good right now!! I had a epiphany in the last couple weeks over Rob working out of town and working really hard the last couple years. I have done a lot of complaining. This stage in my life is really hard. I have three little kids and when he travels with work (not all the time, but frequent) I was really ungrateful and angry. I found myself complaining and not realizing what a awesome man I really have. I was listening to a christian radio show about how men need to know they are appreciated and that they work for their families to provide security. Then the woman complain that they are not secure because the husband works and is tired. Complicated human emotions aren't they? I know Rob is not selfish and I know he is working to provide for us. I was becoming so naggy about him not being home that I was making his work not enjoyable. I am so thankful and I feel ashamed that I felt so selfish. I really am going to have a good attitude about his job. The way the economy is I am thankful he has a job. It has been a bigger work load and not a lot of highs in the workforce the last couple years. I know he has enough stress I don't want to add more. I find that if you start to get negative it is really easy to stay there. Then everything is negative. I am not a negative person but I was feeling really worn out and then I started complaining more then ever. Anyway I am so thankful for a caring hard working husband. He told me that by me being supportive of his career and being happy to see him no matter what kind of day I have had has made him so happy. Although some days can be tough I know that we are working together on this. We adjust his schedule and he is available when I need him, we are doing better in this area. Just wanted to share how important a mind set can be. How easy you can let the enemy fill your mind with negative feelings. Also a big shout out to Military wives and single parents. How do you all do it? I am amazed by so many peoples strength. Just wanted to share what was on my mind (:. We are also reading the couples books For Men Only, For Woman Only. Explaining the differences between men and woman, very good. I will do a review on it soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Have you seen this doll?

This picture is actually quite modest compared to her real self. I was at the store the other day and this beauty was staring right at me and I could not get over her. What I mean is that she has a dress that is split right down the middle to her belly button with her cleavage spilling out on both sides. I looked it up online because I could not believe it. The company respond to one moms letter was that these dolls were offered at a different price point and were for collectors. I think that is a excuse the doll was set on a shelf at 4ft high perfect for a little girl. It was more then tacky. I always loved Barbie when I was little, but this? I am going to defiantly be more picky when it comes to what dolls Lauren gets. They did just start making the black barbies have more black features so that is a good thing. They actually are much prettier dolls now and I really love the more exotic look they have. It is sad we live in a culture that sells what ever will make money not about morals or repercussions to our children.
Have a great weekend friends!! (:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love Sonic and my terrible two's toddler!!

I took these pictures the other day. We went through the Sonic and I got myself a diet vanilla Coke and I didn't' get Lauren anything this time. I felt bad but we were going right home, and I didn't want to get her pop. It was so cute she pulled out her little cup on her car seat and waited patiently for her drink. Sadly she did not get one, I feel like a bad mom writing this now. I did give her the mint (: After lunch I find her drinking my drink and eating the cup!!! Now that is love for Sonic!!
This was right after!! Hard to get mad at such a sweet face. Enjoy your day everyone!! We have had the nicest weather lately, we are all loving it. I am also feeling very grateful. I have been stuck in a complaining rut. I will elaborate more later. Thankful for a godly hard working husband!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty new hutch

I needed something in this little area between my dinning room and kitchen. It is the butlers pantry what ever you need that for,lol. My house did not not have one built in but it was a option. We have lived in our house for over two years and I have not found anything that would go. I was at my favorite antique mall and I came across this. I though I was going to have to paint it but I cleaned it all up and used a stain to fill in scratches. It ended up looking really nice, and I love the color. So for now I think I am going to keep the nice wood color. It might change in the future. I added a few things inside to decorate it but that might change too. Just wanted to share my great find.
I really appreciate all your sweet comments. Blogging has been a great outlet for me. Just writing and meeting new people, I love it. I have meet some of the nicest people and have been able to keep family and friends up to date on our family. Each one of my faithful blog readers I consider a dear friend. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lauren and Champ

I thought these were so cute!! Champ is doing better he doesn't have very many accidents anymore. The kids love him and he tolerates a lot. If you can imagine having three kids pulling, carrying, and poking you all day. He doesn't seem to mind much. I had never heard of Havanese before we started researching dogs. When we were sitting at church last Sunday in the little coffee area some of our friends came up that we have been getting to know. All three of them have Havanese's. What are the Chances? They are neat dogs, very social, funny, entertaining, happy. The best part no shedding, or smell.

Have a good Wednesday. I am still recovering from yesterday. I went to school to help Jaden's class for a while. I had to get there early to take pictures. I had a whole list of staff for the yearbook. I went and helped Jaden's teacher with the computer area. I take six kids at a time and then bring each one over separately to test them on flash cards. When I was done I went back to finding more staff, and then taking candid's of each grade level. It was a great workout walking around the school. I can't be heavily involved in the PTO yet so I do yearbook and I really like it. It is one time of year that I am really busy and that is it. In a couple years maybe I can do more. Then I ate lunch with Jaden. One of the lunch aide's came up to me and said what a good kid he is. Hearing stuff like that makes you realize all your parenting is paying off.

Monday, March 1, 2010

So Long Insecurity

This would be the book I would recommend to all woman. All of us struggle with insecurity in some form of another. It has been the thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. I am confident in who God made me but there are those times that I have to fight the feelings of not being good enough. I have the best mom and she always told me I was great I don't think it is always a nurture issue. The world is changing and from what we see on TV, magazines, blogs, you name it it can drag us down if we don't see the triggers.
I have been struggling lately with being enough as a stay at home mom. I know That is so crazy!! This is the job I have always wanted and that I love. I feel like in our society sometimes that raising your children is not enough. I hate myself for feeling like this at times but every time I turn around someone is saying "I could never stay at home" "I am going back to work as soon as my kids are in school" "I would feel so bored at home" "I just don't feel fulfilled" Or the best yet "Working allows me to be able to afford my kids dance lessons, nice clothes, and vacations" I have felt a little crushed at hearing those. I don't have a problem with woman who choose to work it is just what I hear that gets me down. I know without a doubt I want to be at home with my kids it is those little lies that makes me feel like, am I enough?? Or you come across the woman that seem like they do it all. Most organized, PTO president, cleanest house, kids that get straight A's, family close by to help (BIG ONE), looks perfect. Then I look in the mirror and just about cry with bags under my eyes, new wrinkles, a screaming toddler on my leg and laundry up to my eyeballs.
This book has really spoken to me in so many ways. Beth writes in a way that you feel like she is speaking right to you. She is very real and I like that she says that she has felt everything she writes and wants to help woman through life experiences. I think that is why she is so moving and impacts so many woman's lives because she is Real. It is not another Dr. writing a book telling you what you should do. It is real issues that real woman face each day walking in faith.
Oh my gosh my other biggie. Why do I care so much about this one??? Why do I care if someone doesn't seem to like me? When I feel like God is number one in my life and the world doesn't get to me this one is easy. The christian life is not always a easy one. If I am struggling though I hate this one I feel rejected.

This one too. I hate conflict. We all have said things we wish we wouldn't have. Thank God for forgiveness. If someone is your friend they forgive and love like it never happened.

I have been very open here with my struggles but my desire is not to hide behind a mask like I am perfect or have it all figured out and together. Each day I try to live life through God's eyes and although I fail miserable at times this book is really helping me. I am feeling secure in the person God made me. Knowing I have a bigger purpose to fill, knowing that fiery darts to the heart are just the enemies way of making me feel insecure so I don't follow God's will. I am so happy she wrote this book it makes me realize this is often a untalked about topic that so many of us struggle with.
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