Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day and more snow...

I wanted to take a picture of my Great Valentines Day. Normally Rob and I don't make a big deal about it but lately I have been really spoiled (: I am not complaining. I got a gift card for the spa. I think I will get a massage. I would love to get a pedicure but I am still recovering from running the grocery TV car over my toe nail. It is not pretty. He also got me the new Beth Moore Book I have heard so much about, love her. I defiantly know I need to read this book. I also got some fun cards. Speaking of Valentines cards, isn't it hard to find a good one? It seems like most of them say.."I know that I don't tell you enough" or " On this special day I want you to know your loved" or "I know I don't show my love" Along those lines. I know marriage has ups and downs and it is hard work but I love my husband more each day!!
It was fun weekend, my dad who is working/living in PA came for the weekend to spend with us. My poor mom is back in NM trying to sell the house, can't wait. Jaden had his Upward game. I love Upward!!! He seems to like it too. When he is into the game he is a good defensive player. Other times he is in la la land but that is okay, I just want him to have fun.
Today we were hit with another snow storm. We have been in the house so much it is not fun anymore. I miss getting out!! Drew hasn't been to school in forever and I have a feeling tomorrow they might cancel again for Jaden. It is so cold out it isn't much fun to play outside. So we have been trying to keep busy. The kids are good for couple hrs and then everyone is getting on every ones nerves. Rob is on another business trip this week.. I can't complain he is a hard worker. I appreciate and feel blessed to be at home with my kids, have a warm home, and have plenty to eat (To much food) Thank you Lord!!
I love these shoes. They had them at Marshall's for much cheaper!! Love Marshall's, TJ Maxx!!

We did some painting!!

Lego Building is going on at all times in our house. Have you ever stepped on Lego's? Ouch!! My boys love them.
Jaden playing Basketball

Stay Warm friends!!


  1. I came so close to buying that book at Walmart the other day!! I wish I had. I guess I was hoping it would be available on my nook soon. What great gifts you got!

    I love her shoes! And that picture of her is so adorable! Looks like Jaden was having fun playing too. Ouch to the legos....I'm surprised my poor feet have survived all the toys they've stepped on. Ha!

  2. Sounds like you had a good Valentine's Day! I always love those painting days. Cute pics!

  3. How sweet, he is so cute playing ball! My daughter sometimes calls ball (referee) with the lil ones and she gets to laughing so hard, can't hardly call ball! I hope your mom gets their home sold soon, do they have anyone interested?


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