Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strong Willed Child, interesting!!

How do you respond to this other then...."I need my CAMERA" I walked into the kitchen and here she is covered in who knows what all over her face and shirt reading my book.


  1. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is classic! Hilarious! :D

  2. Hehehehe she has to see what it says about her!!!♥

  3. That might be the funniest thing I've ever seen!! You should send that one to Dr. Dobson!!

  4. She must be looking for some pointers! That is SO cute!! :)

  5. LOL.....this is great! I think she is far beyond her years!

  6. Hi Katie! I didn't even see you leave yesterday!

    It is likely that the vendor will have a sale on Saturday for the Open House, but I don't know how much. That cupboard got moved to the basement (just FYI). We set up a new display where it was. I think it is a perfect makeover piece (blog post worthy for sure!!) I'm sure you could work some serious magic on it!!



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