Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something on the ledge

These spaces are very hard to decorate. Last year we put the crosses up, and we love them. It really fills the wall up. We have a two story great room which is really pretty but probably is not the most economical. It costs a lot to heat and cool and wastes room, but is very pretty. We enjoy all the windows and light. Don't know if we will buy a house again with the same look. It makes it really hard to decorate huge tall walls. Before I had a few things up there besides the crosses and never liked it. I like this look better. I moved the candles around and added a tall topiary. I found these really cute fake suitcases the JCPenny outlet. I think they look really cute. I could go back and buy about ten more of them. What would you do if you had this space? There is a plug up there too, not sure what I could do with that??


  1. OHHH... I think it is gorgeous!! I love how you used the space! Love the added touch of that beautiful stained glass window... just the right amount of color! :)

  2. I think that area looks beautiful as you have it.♥

  3. Love all the crosses. So pretty!

  4. Hi Katie! I think you've done a great job with a very difficult space! When we bought our house, we specifically looked for a house that didn't have cathedral ceilings because I was so stumped with how to decorate them, and Mickey was totally against the heat loss!!

    If I had a space like that in my house....hmmmm.....let's mind immediately goes to an old door or gate and then build and layer from there.

    I hope you get out to do some thrifting soon!!


  5. You have such a beautiful decorating style! I wish you could come work on my house!! :)

    The only idea I had with the plugs (depending on if it's connected to a lightswitch so you can turn it off easily) is to push a few strands of white Christmas lights back up there. I have them in my kitchen above my cabinets, and it's just enough glowy light at night w/o being able to see the actual strands. :)

    Oh, this is "Wrigley's Mommy" from the BBs, in case you weren't sure! I saw your blog linked somewhere a few weeks ago and have been enjoying all your cute ideas!

  6. I think it looks great! I have 3 of these ledges now, since we added the room above our living room and I need to find things to decorate them with too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wow that looks gorgeous! I love it. I have been strugling trying to figure out how to decorate our future home. We still havent broke ground, so I still have plenty of time. I wished we lived closer so we could go shopping for ideas together:)


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