Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Curtains, I think

I have looked for curtains for my living room area for a while now. I wanted something lighter and more traditional. I used to have these red stripe ones, that were not bad but a little dark. I bought some at Target that were cream and they were the insulated kind. I put them up and they looked awful. They were like marshmallows hanging on the wall. I had to order them online since I needed 8 panels. I took them back and then ordered some from JCpenny online (great place to buy affordable curtains that are nice) they were tan toile, but they were way to shear. We don't have blinds on these windows, I want shutters but am waiting to make sure we are going to live her a while before we invest in them. Previous to this I was at Lowe's and saw these, and loved them. I wanted to wait to see how the Penny's curtains looked (not good). I was looking for a damask curtain that was not as drastic as the black and white. These seemed to be a good fit. I love them , the only problem is they are are woven in a Jacquard fabric. When the light shines through them you can see the fibers,that bugs me. They are not lined. I am thinking about buying the black out fabric and lining them. It will cost me another $75 which really stinks but may be worth it. If we get the shutters it won't matter so maybe I will wait. What do you think? Do you like them? It is really bright in my living area so pictures are great when they are the opposite direction but straight into the light it is hard to get pictures that are not overexposed. You get the idea though.
Here is a example of the fiber/light problem

When the curtains are pulled back it looks fine, there are no weird lines.
Remember my $20 chair? Since then I added my re purposed homemade ottoman and fabric. I decided to re purpose the pillow too. It was a cute pillow but had a shabby floral look to it. I like Shabby Chic but not big on flower prints. So I got my best friend out my trusty glue gun and glued on the matching fabric. Such a easy trick that actually holds up great. Now don't analyze anything to much in my house. "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." You all know that quote if you like the Nester. It is true, if it works and looks good why spend more money. You can transform and re purpose, paint anything really. My little side job is going well. I don't know how often I will do it but I finished a piece last week and now I am working on a dry sink this week. Stay tuned for a new project this week.
On a side note we are stuck inside for the next 2 days it looks like. Snow, snow and more snow. Hopefully the kids will be good, did I mention that Rob is going out of town for the next two days? I will need a break for sure when he gets home.


  1. I think they look pretty! That's neat that your side job is going good too. Good luck with the snow days :)

  2. Wow! All your stuff is so cool! Good luck with Rob out of town!! We are getting lots of snow too!

  3. Hi Katie

    I love the damask curtains your found! They look like burlap - so in and tres chic!! I think they're perfect. And, the lines in the fabric just add texture, so I don't think I would worry about that too much!

    Thanks for commenting on my kitchen...I can't paint the cupboards or the stools...my husband has absolutely said NO to that. So I have to work with the cherry as it is. It is so hard!! I'm loving the industrial additions and found a very cool old metal cart over the weekend that I'm working on now. I think it will make a cute coffee station. We shall see!

    Anyways, your curtains are fabulous! I might have to go check those out myself!!

  4. I think the curtains look great as they are and you probably have them open mostly so you wouldn't be paying attention to the fibers anyway.

    Your ottoman and pillow look GREAT! It looks like a comfy, cozy spot to sit and relax.

    Try to enjoy your snow. We might get some on Thursday....we will just have to wait and see.


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