Friday, February 12, 2010

Entry Table re-do

Found this solid wood (heavy) antique entry table off of Craigslist for $25. I thought it was kind of neat but wanted to paint it. It is really unique because it is really tall, I have never seen such a tall table like this. I did a white finish and antiqued it with furniture stain. It is really neat. You just paint it and then rub in dark stain with a old t-shirt where you want it to look older. Then I used sandpaper to rough the edges a bit and added a new knob. We have it up in our room and I think we are going to put a flat screen on it. It is so tall it would be a great height for a TV from laying in bed.
Sorry for the wires but you get the idea. You can click the image to make it bigger. I am really loving this flipping. It is so addicting. I have to be careful to get stuff really cheap so that I can have fun with the hobby. I have sold a few things that I could not find a place for on Craigslist so it has worked out well. Have a great weekend everyone!! We have Upward tomorrow and a birthday party. Should be a fun weekend.


  1. Good job! I love white furniture!

  2. LOVE THIS Katie! good job! miss you

  3. That looks great!! I wish I could get motivated to paint our old furniture, because I know it would make it look so much better! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. You are so creative my dear! That is great!

  5. Painting it made such a huge difference! Great job!


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