Sunday, February 21, 2010

Country Living at Kmart

Don't these pictures just make you want to sit down and enjoy summer. I am so sick of winter, I keep telling myself it won't be to much longer. I have been meaning to write a post on my new discovery, which might not be so new from many of you.
One of my favorite magazines is Country Living. I love it! It is such a treat to sit down with a glass of tea and read it. If you have never read it is worth a try. There are so many ideas in it, every time I read it I write down plans or cut something out from my dream book. It is a great mix of country decor but not country like in hearts and ducks in clothes but in a classy more traditional country. It is great eclectic mix of old and new. It is how I want my home to be. Comfortable but yet elegant. A lot of the designers share easy fun ideas ,displays and many love to go junking my favorite pastime. I have never been a Kmart fan. I just never found anything in there that I liked. I went in there a few weeks ago looking for something and I could not believe it but Kmart carries a whole line of Country Living items. From $3.49-$350 you can get pretty items for your home. I was really impressed with it all. They had some great french chairs that I wanted, a glass hutch, and some really beautiful patio sets. Check it out!! This might be old news but I wanted to share.

I love there website also tons of great ideas and pictures galore

Pictures are from Country Living At Home Collection.

Aren't these so neat? Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. That is neat! All the Kmarts around here closed down, but I love it when you can find really neat stuff at discount stores!!

  2. I get this magazine too, I really like it!

  3. I LOVE my Country Living magazine and look forward to receiving it each month. All of our Kmarts closed down around here many years ago. It looks like they have some nice stuff now. I wish we would get one again.


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