Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two great books

A few weeks ago I read this book. First Things First is about Kurt and Brenda Warner and how they raise their large family. They have seven kids!! Kurt Warner plays for the Arizona Cardinals and is a awesome football player and a Born again Christian. It is a very real book that the Warner's share all their trials and tribulations with you as you read. It is written by her view and then his. Brenda was married before and had two children one of her children Zac has special needs. She was once on welfare and had many other issues to deal with. Kurt worked at a grocery store and become a father to her two children and was later drafted into the NFL. They share so much about how they parent and how they make time for romance and how faith leads them in everything they do. It is a really fun read, they are remarkable people who actively run ministries that help children.
This book has really helped me in many ways!! I can't say enough about Charles Stanley he is a remarkable writer. He explains things like no one else can in such a simple eye opening way. I have been going through some stuff. Nothing major just life issues that can really drag you down if you let them. It is amazing how the enemy will come when you are the most vulnerable. This book explains how Satan comes and how he comes in like a light or comes with some truth but it hidden by lies. How people can affect you in negative ways and how Satan just wants to discourage you to the point of turning from God. A friend of mine invited me to Bible study at her church and this is the book that we are reading. It was so ironic that when she told me about the book I was going through some of the very junk that the book addressed. It is very hard to put down and it is very apparent how the attacks are real and they are motivated so that you doubt God and separate from him. Very eye opening but it helps you discern good from bad and when it happens your ready to tell God that you completely trust him.

Check them out. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. I am finally returning from being MIA from blog world so long and I have so much to catch up on in your life! Off to read all I've missed! ;)

  2. Those both look sooo good!!! I am always ont he lookout for new books to read -- thanks for the tip!!! :P

  3. Those both sound like great books!!

  4. Those sound like great books! You know how much I love to read, so I will definitely read these!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Totally going to buy the book by Kurt Warner. An inspiration to an entire generation and industry. And I agree with you on Charles Stanley. Just awesome!


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