Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Model in the making or Picasso

Lauren has skills, I mean she is about as tall as Drew at 2 and has no body fat (think abs of steal) and looks good in every color. She seriously looks beautiful in every color!! She is so sassy too. She could be a model for sure at this point in her life. She has the attitude. That being said...Naughty Naughty girl. I need to take a picture. She found some paint cans in the basement the ones with a little paint left in them for touch ups. I went upstairs to go potty I was gone 3 minutes. She apparently stacked the cans like blocks and of course the fullest one down there (half a gallon) spilled all over. So now I have a beautiful cream colored big spot on the concrete. At least it was concrete and not some dream basement. Flash forward an hr later. The phone rings I run up to get it. "Hello" pause "Is Mr. James Phillers available" Me: "No you have the wrong number." Them: "Are you sure you don't know Mr. James...." "NO!" "Take Me off the list." Them: "This is not a list" Me: "I assume this is a bill collector, I have no idea who he is, where he works, Who he knows, please don't call." Them: "Okay then we are sorry to bother you." I return to the basement 5 minutes later. To.....I should have taken a picture. Lauren found black paint and Drew all over a mirror project I was working on. I did get mad but then though I guess she is trying to be like me (: A little Picasso. I am God made her so cute!


  1. Oh, that sweet, little Lauren! She is beautiful, that is for sure!! I could totally see her being on the cover of a magazine!

  2. I say that about Easton, it is a good thing he is cute or he would be in so much MORE trouble!

  3. You're making me tired just reading this. I have SO much to look forward to...again!

  4. She is so beautiful!! Molly is the same way, frustrating, funny and so thankful for her all at the same time!! Here is to raising 2 year old pistols!


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