Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steelers Game

Rob and I went to the Steelers game last Sunday. It was actually pretty fun. Rob likes the Steelers and the boys too. He had tickets from work and we meet some customers there. It was nice to have a break from the kids even though like all parents you miss them after about 3hrs and want to go home. It is nice to have silence though and time to talk and enjoy a couple meals together. It is so important in marriage to have date nights. I hope to have more!! My parents will be moving about 6hrs away but Rob and I can drop them off there and go to the movies or go somewhere for a night or two. Just having family close by that we love dearly is so nice they have lived so far away it seems close now. Rob's mom came and watched the kids on Sunday all day, so thankful for that help once in a while. We really needed the break.
I was worried about being cold and although I was a little it was not to bad. Are seats were not the best but apparently it is hard to get seats to the game. The people behind me were so loud and rude. I just had to take it for what it was and laugh. The guy behind me burped every 10 minutes the loudest longest burp you ever heard. It was a group of guys in their early 20's and they yelled and made remarks the whole game. It was not like that everywhere but it happened to be right behind us. It was some good quality entertainment.
This was under the stand it was pretty neat they had a little stadium and big screen and people were watching it down there. I asked Rob why someone would pay at least $75 a ticket to watch it on a big screen not in a seat??? I guess to be at the game.

I made Rob take a picture

They had a Camero the Transformers model outside the stadium. It is a really neat car. Drew loves Transformers so I took some pictures with my little camera for him.

All in all it was fun. I like new experiences. We went to a Bengals game a long time ago so this was my second NFL game. I like college better but it was fun. I love NBA the best. I am not a huge sports fan but enjoy watching and like some of the players especially if I know a little about them. I love the Buckeyes and was so happy last night they won the Rose Bowel.


  1. LOL! My husband walked by and saw the camaro pic and said, "Who got a new camaro?" Ha! Glad you had a good time! That looks neat!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    sandy toe


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