Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jaden finally lost his first tooth

Jaden finally lost his first tooth. It has been loose for about a month. Last week it finally feel out and he already had the new tooth poking in behind. I was worried it was coming in the wrong spot but then I looked it up online and it is said it will move into the right place but does that when there is no room. You can see his new tooth if you look close. We asked him how much his friends got from the tooth fairy and he said, "I think 50 cents." I told him how I always got a dollar and then he said, "Hmm I think it was more like $20." Gotta love kids.


  1. LOL! Cute! Madison's did the same thing. It was half way in behind the baby one before we finally got the baby one to come out.

  2. Hi Katie! Sorry I was working all day, so I just got your note. What a cute photo of Jaden! I bet he is feeling so proud of losing his first tooth!

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  3. Cute! Peyton's other tooth was already there so we couldn't even get the cute toothless picture!

  4. The kid has some good financial sense - haha! I wish I would have gotten $20 for my teeth. My weren't that cool!

  5. He is so cute and very smart :)

  6. I love when they lose their first tooth! That is my favorite. How cute is he? SO adorable!


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