Friday, January 22, 2010

I love Urns and Topiaries I have a sickness

These pictures are not of my house, but I have a small shrine of topiaries all over the house. I love them!! I have for years. I just love them they are so elegant. If you see any good ones around, please let this blessed mom of 3 know!!
I was just surfing the web and read on someones blog that these topiaries from Ballard's are complete junk. I read that they fell apart are very light weight and Ballard's would not help the customer or do a store credit. I am so disappointed I almost bought these, I really like them. I am disappointed too that they would have bad customer service knowing how expensive some of the stuff is. I guess I will stick with my JC Penny outlet. It is so wonderful and addicting!! If you only knew those that don't have one. The stuff is so cheap and the quality is great. You can order online too the stuff that is not damaged it costs more but it is not damaged or scratched either, it is great!! They have great customer service too..
I love Urns too, a good one is hard to find. I am picky but I love this one. Once again let me know if you see any good ones with spring coming up and all.
Be still my heart.
Anyway the lady liked my painting and I am going to do a piece this week for her. We are going to do it by a case by case job and when I can. So it sounds fun, hope it is and it sounds flexibly so that is a plus. Have a great weekend.


  1. Just jumped over from another blog to say "hi." You have a beautiful family.

  2. I love em' too! They are very delightful. Although, I must say I love mine from Ballards. . .

  3. Yeah for new opportunities! Great job, Katie!

  4. That's awesome that she liked your work! I hope you have a great weekend, Katie!


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