Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love this chair and end table

I love my new chair. I found it on Craigslist, I have some favorite search engines I use on there and Ebay. This came up and I loved it, guess how much I got it for?? $50!! It looks to be a older chair that was professionally redone. I love it, it is not all that comfortable but it looks so cute.

I also got this awesome Rug from the same people, it is really nice it just needed cleaned. Look at all my pictures they are on both sides. I told you all I have problems, I am a picture addict..
The same house I got this awesome Ballard Design table, it is so cute. It is really nice quality and I hate to know the original price but I got it for $50. I love CL. It is so addicting but so fun. Rob does not like me going to get this stuff but I do take precautions and don't go into a home unless it is a mom with kids, or a sweet old person. Normally people have stuff in the garage ready to go. Just wanted to show everyone my new finds..


  1. I have that chair and couch....I love love toile!

    sandy toe

  2. Oh, I LOVE that little Ballard's table. I am a Craig's List addict! Congratulations on your finds!

  3. you have the best taste ... I love it all too!!!

  4. Awesome chair! That is an amazing price too. Craigslist is so wonderful.

  5. I love all your new treasures...especially the chair.:)


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