Monday, January 18, 2010

Help Me find some curtains...a new table and lamp

Hello-Faithful friends. I have had red stripe curtains in my house for the last 2yrs you can look at past pictures. They are not my fav and they never were they are okay. I got them at Walmart out of all places when we first moved in since we did not have anything for privacy. I wish I had shutters!! They are so much money and I am not a big fan of mini blinds so I went with curtains and like the look. Now I want something new. I love this Damask print (very trendy) but if I spend a big chunk of change on these babies I don't want to be sick of them next year. Black and White is also drastic when together, I love it but it has to to flow with everything else going on so I am afraid it might be to much in my kitchen, and living area. Not sure I could use your opinion.
These are from Ballard's they are plain but I like this look too, something timeless I suppose. I was thinking a cream off white color in the living area and in the kitchen something darker since my kids touch those curtains a lot.
These are really pretty they come in the above color and the below option. They are about $100 each from country curtains. I don't want the valance thing just the curtains. These are probably my front runner. They are a toile but not real drastic. You can even send away for free swatches from the company.
Anyway I don't know what to do. Maybe I should go the Nesting Place route and just buy fabric and do a mistreatment? I would still be spending money on all the fabric and time to get the things to look right. I would be using them too they would not just be for a curtain look. If you have seen anything cute or have any suggestions let me know..
I got this old drum table antique at my favorite antique mall. It is really cute, a little beat up, I am not sure if I want to paint it because the wood is really pretty.
Isn't this lamp so cute? If your wondering they have them at Tuesday Morning right now for only $15. Have a great Monday and thank you Martin Luther King!!! You have helped pave the way for generations to come.


  1. We have never had curtains, I want them, but I am too picky to actually like something. We had plantation blinds in our house in OH and I loved those. Sorry, I am no help, but the table and lamp are cute!

  2. You know I am horrible at decorating, so I can't be any help! I need new curtains in my kitchen too, which I actually forgot about until I read your post. Ha! I took down my old ones because they were faded.

  3. I have made pleated curtains for both of my duaghters rooms. Material cost was around $60 (13 yards) plus the pleating tape and hooks. I would say each set cost about $80. I say go for making them. It is easy-just a really big rectangle.


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