Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Save A Life

I found this preview by accident the other day. Pause my music below. I have heard nothing about it. It looks awesome and I believe they are showing this right here where I live. It is at select theaters so check it out. I pray they keep making movies like this. Ones that make you think....Save a life possibly

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lauren in polka dots (adoption)

Isn't she precious? I know she is sassy and a typical 2yr old but my goodness. What a gift I don't deserve. I think back to when we decided to adopt. God would not let me turn a blind eye on this. He put everything in my way at that moment in time. It is kind of funny now that I think back on it. Every show on TV I turned on was about adoption, every time I would pray the thought would come into my head. Scriptures were placed in front of my eyes about orphans, Movie clips at church, books, magazine articles. God was really waking me up. I knew the need was there it was something as a christian that I could not see around. Meanwhile this whole plan that God had for Lauren's life was coming into fruition.
I am nobody special, just a person who loves God deeply. God uses the ordinary to to the extraordinary! Adoption is not for everyone, God has different desires and missions and lays different ministries on peoples hearts. My greatest desire is for all christian to have a mission. To do something that God is going to use you to do. It can be Praying, financial giving or serving. If God is laying something on your heart there is a reason!

I have one person on my mind while I write this post. I have great love for you!! Keep praying God has something planned for you!!
Your life is not a accident you were placed at this time in history for a purpose. Your purpose will make a difference after we are gone from this earth.
Lord, let me live a life that will glorify you in all I do!
In Christ,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bunny and chalkboard

Isn't this the cutest bunny so cute. My blogging junking buddy Polly had him in her house. Check out her blog. I am going to do a future blog on her house. It is like something you have never seen. Her house is like a store inside. It is so neat. She has the neatest shabby chic cottage/European style home. I went and toured it a few weeks back but did not bring my camera. She is very creative!! She is a professional junker, flipper and has a eye for style. I saw the bunny on her blog and she let me buy him at a great price.
I found this chalkboard at the JCpenny outlet. I bought it for $44 it is super heavy and nice. It was in the catalog for $200. It had a little dent in the tray that was it. I do have a question though, the chalkboard doesn't seem to write real well. I might have to use my chalkboard paint and go over it. Maybe it is the chalk. It isn't real smooth, anyone ever have this issue with chalkboards? Just wanted to share.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The 30 day Shred bandwagon family style

I kept hearing about how great this workout was from blog land and from other moms around town. So I went and got it. I am not a huge gym person. I just prefer to run, walk, hike or do videos like this. There is nothing wrong with the gym but I like to be home and I don't feel like packing another bag, that is the last thing I want to do. I don't have a lot of time to workout either but I know that it is important. I love that this video is only 20 min a day. Most people could do that and it is realistic. It is hard people!! It is 20 min of a hard workout which I prefer over a 1 hr workout that seems so long. It kind of reminds me of Tae-boe some of the same concepts. I told Rob I was going to do it and that he should do it too. The kids wanted to do it too.
Rob said he felt like he was going to die!!! So I took his picture. We only did Level 1!!! I told him I couldn't believe that at one time he was almost a professional baseball player ?? He said that was 13 yrs ago. I said,"You act like it was 30 yrs ago." So we are doing it again tonight. Rob is really really fun I am so glad he has a great sense of humor, although he was serious in this picture.
The boys trying to act like they are dead too (: Lauren doesn't miss a beat. Drew did not last long with the workout, and Jaden kept talking and talking (not what you want to hear when you are dying) He is asking what muscle is this and what does this do....Jaden style. Lauren did it for a while and then she was in the kitchen climbing on the counters trying to get her new Dora singing dvd. The girl is independent. The other day she fell asleep right when we pulled in. I shut the garage turned on the light and checked on her ever 5 min. Sure enough 3 min later she comes in shuts the mini van door (still can't get the boys to remember that) turns off the light, shuts the door, takes of her shoes puts them away, hangs up her coat and comes inside.
Gotta love boys, My house is never dull. If you ever call and hear yelling and fighting and laughing that is normal. Messy is the new norm around here, I have to fight my instinct to keep it organized. I have decided I will do my best but I would rather play with my kids and have a little mess here and there.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I love Urns and Topiaries I have a sickness

These pictures are not of my house, but I have a small shrine of topiaries all over the house. I love them!! I have for years. I just love them they are so elegant. If you see any good ones around, please let this blessed mom of 3 know!!
I was just surfing the web and read on someones blog that these topiaries from Ballard's are complete junk. I read that they fell apart are very light weight and Ballard's would not help the customer or do a store credit. I am so disappointed I almost bought these, I really like them. I am disappointed too that they would have bad customer service knowing how expensive some of the stuff is. I guess I will stick with my JC Penny outlet. It is so wonderful and addicting!! If you only knew those that don't have one. The stuff is so cheap and the quality is great. You can order online too the stuff that is not damaged it costs more but it is not damaged or scratched either, it is great!! They have great customer service too..
I love Urns too, a good one is hard to find. I am picky but I love this one. Once again let me know if you see any good ones with spring coming up and all.
Be still my heart.
Anyway the lady liked my painting and I am going to do a piece this week for her. We are going to do it by a case by case job and when I can. So it sounds fun, hope it is and it sounds flexibly so that is a plus. Have a great weekend.

Painting furniture job?

Lately I have been painting a few things I have gotten cheap and reselling them on Craigslist. I placed an ad on Craigslist asking for old junk laying around their garage basement that people were willing to sell at a good price. ( I am shocked at what people consider junk) I put some specifics of what kind of pieces I wanted. I got a reply back...It asked If I was interested in painting some display stuff for a local store. I have talked to the lady and she is interested in my work, she is coming by tonight to take a look. I am a little nervous since I am not a professional but enjoy the work. I figure it might be a fun way for me to make some extra money and not have to leave the house. I will update you all tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I have no idea what to charge either??

I did not paint this but this stuff is so in right now so I guess I am in the right business (:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top Model in the making or Picasso

Lauren has skills, I mean she is about as tall as Drew at 2 and has no body fat (think abs of steal) and looks good in every color. She seriously looks beautiful in every color!! She is so sassy too. She could be a model for sure at this point in her life. She has the attitude. That being said...Naughty Naughty girl. I need to take a picture. She found some paint cans in the basement the ones with a little paint left in them for touch ups. I went upstairs to go potty I was gone 3 minutes. She apparently stacked the cans like blocks and of course the fullest one down there (half a gallon) spilled all over. So now I have a beautiful cream colored big spot on the concrete. At least it was concrete and not some dream basement. Flash forward an hr later. The phone rings I run up to get it. "Hello" pause "Is Mr. James Phillers available" Me: "No you have the wrong number." Them: "Are you sure you don't know Mr. James...." "NO!" "Take Me off the list." Them: "This is not a list" Me: "I assume this is a bill collector, I have no idea who he is, where he works, Who he knows, please don't call." Them: "Okay then we are sorry to bother you." I return to the basement 5 minutes later. To.....I should have taken a picture. Lauren found black paint and Drew all over a mirror project I was working on. I did get mad but then though I guess she is trying to be like me (: A little Picasso. I am God made her so cute!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Help Me find some curtains...a new table and lamp

Hello-Faithful friends. I have had red stripe curtains in my house for the last 2yrs you can look at past pictures. They are not my fav and they never were they are okay. I got them at Walmart out of all places when we first moved in since we did not have anything for privacy. I wish I had shutters!! They are so much money and I am not a big fan of mini blinds so I went with curtains and like the look. Now I want something new. I love this Damask print (very trendy) but if I spend a big chunk of change on these babies I don't want to be sick of them next year. Black and White is also drastic when together, I love it but it has to to flow with everything else going on so I am afraid it might be to much in my kitchen, and living area. Not sure I could use your opinion.
These are from Ballard's they are plain but I like this look too, something timeless I suppose. I was thinking a cream off white color in the living area and in the kitchen something darker since my kids touch those curtains a lot.
These are really pretty they come in the above color and the below option. They are about $100 each from country curtains. I don't want the valance thing just the curtains. These are probably my front runner. They are a toile but not real drastic. You can even send away for free swatches from the company.
Anyway I don't know what to do. Maybe I should go the Nesting Place route and just buy fabric and do a mistreatment? I would still be spending money on all the fabric and time to get the things to look right. I would be using them too they would not just be for a curtain look. If you have seen anything cute or have any suggestions let me know..
I got this old drum table antique at my favorite antique mall. It is really cute, a little beat up, I am not sure if I want to paint it because the wood is really pretty.
Isn't this lamp so cute? If your wondering they have them at Tuesday Morning right now for only $15. Have a great Monday and thank you Martin Luther King!!! You have helped pave the way for generations to come.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jaden finally lost his first tooth

Jaden finally lost his first tooth. It has been loose for about a month. Last week it finally feel out and he already had the new tooth poking in behind. I was worried it was coming in the wrong spot but then I looked it up online and it is said it will move into the right place but does that when there is no room. You can see his new tooth if you look close. We asked him how much his friends got from the tooth fairy and he said, "I think 50 cents." I told him how I always got a dollar and then he said, "Hmm I think it was more like $20." Gotta love kids.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking the Silence

Every morning when I take Jaden to school I listen to Focus On The Family daily broadcast. I love this show. It has helped me in tremendous ways to understand so much about faith, family and relationships. I really enjoy the wisdom of James Dobson. This morning they played this episode from 1994. I was going down the road crying as I listened. This is a amazing story. If you do nothing else today listen to this!!

If this does not work in a couple days it is called Breaking The Silence on Focus On The Family.

Make sure you pause my music below to hear.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two great books

A few weeks ago I read this book. First Things First is about Kurt and Brenda Warner and how they raise their large family. They have seven kids!! Kurt Warner plays for the Arizona Cardinals and is a awesome football player and a Born again Christian. It is a very real book that the Warner's share all their trials and tribulations with you as you read. It is written by her view and then his. Brenda was married before and had two children one of her children Zac has special needs. She was once on welfare and had many other issues to deal with. Kurt worked at a grocery store and become a father to her two children and was later drafted into the NFL. They share so much about how they parent and how they make time for romance and how faith leads them in everything they do. It is a really fun read, they are remarkable people who actively run ministries that help children.
This book has really helped me in many ways!! I can't say enough about Charles Stanley he is a remarkable writer. He explains things like no one else can in such a simple eye opening way. I have been going through some stuff. Nothing major just life issues that can really drag you down if you let them. It is amazing how the enemy will come when you are the most vulnerable. This book explains how Satan comes and how he comes in like a light or comes with some truth but it hidden by lies. How people can affect you in negative ways and how Satan just wants to discourage you to the point of turning from God. A friend of mine invited me to Bible study at her church and this is the book that we are reading. It was so ironic that when she told me about the book I was going through some of the very junk that the book addressed. It is very hard to put down and it is very apparent how the attacks are real and they are motivated so that you doubt God and separate from him. Very eye opening but it helps you discern good from bad and when it happens your ready to tell God that you completely trust him.

Check them out. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some really neat houses!!

I love houses!! I could look and dream all day. I love classic colonial or southern colonial homes the best. No modern here, I love charm. I thought I would share some of these that I am going to post in my dream book. Everyone should have a dream book. Does this house above look familiar?? It is the Father Of The Bride House, A tribute to you Angela (One of my best friends personal favorites) I am sure many of you love this house. What kind of house would you build if you were to build or buy your dream home?

My favorite The Home Alone House..I had to add it again. I will take the smaller cousin to it. Someone not to far from us has the smaller version of this house I keep telling Rob I am going to take a picture of it. People probably think I am a stalker taking pictures of their houses. If they only knew my obsession with houses and decorating and other home decor obsessions..Have a great weekend everyone. Make yourself a dream book. It is good to dream!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life with kids..toothpaste mess

This morning I came into the bathroom to to bright blue toothpaste smeared all over the counter, sink , and wall!!! Two nights ago Drew had it squeezed on his toothbrush and had some much on the brush it fell all over the sides. So after this mornings. "Who did this?" and "I just cleaned this whole bathroom." Jaden simple replies. "Mom, I think we need the Touch-N- Brush." So I just looked it up...
I think he is right!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love this chair and end table

I love my new chair. I found it on Craigslist, I have some favorite search engines I use on there and Ebay. This came up and I loved it, guess how much I got it for?? $50!! It looks to be a older chair that was professionally redone. I love it, it is not all that comfortable but it looks so cute.

I also got this awesome Rug from the same people, it is really nice it just needed cleaned. Look at all my pictures they are on both sides. I told you all I have problems, I am a picture addict..
The same house I got this awesome Ballard Design table, it is so cute. It is really nice quality and I hate to know the original price but I got it for $50. I love CL. It is so addicting but so fun. Rob does not like me going to get this stuff but I do take precautions and don't go into a home unless it is a mom with kids, or a sweet old person. Normally people have stuff in the garage ready to go. Just wanted to show everyone my new finds..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steelers Game

Rob and I went to the Steelers game last Sunday. It was actually pretty fun. Rob likes the Steelers and the boys too. He had tickets from work and we meet some customers there. It was nice to have a break from the kids even though like all parents you miss them after about 3hrs and want to go home. It is nice to have silence though and time to talk and enjoy a couple meals together. It is so important in marriage to have date nights. I hope to have more!! My parents will be moving about 6hrs away but Rob and I can drop them off there and go to the movies or go somewhere for a night or two. Just having family close by that we love dearly is so nice they have lived so far away it seems close now. Rob's mom came and watched the kids on Sunday all day, so thankful for that help once in a while. We really needed the break.
I was worried about being cold and although I was a little it was not to bad. Are seats were not the best but apparently it is hard to get seats to the game. The people behind me were so loud and rude. I just had to take it for what it was and laugh. The guy behind me burped every 10 minutes the loudest longest burp you ever heard. It was a group of guys in their early 20's and they yelled and made remarks the whole game. It was not like that everywhere but it happened to be right behind us. It was some good quality entertainment.
This was under the stand it was pretty neat they had a little stadium and big screen and people were watching it down there. I asked Rob why someone would pay at least $75 a ticket to watch it on a big screen not in a seat??? I guess to be at the game.

I made Rob take a picture

They had a Camero the Transformers model outside the stadium. It is a really neat car. Drew loves Transformers so I took some pictures with my little camera for him.

All in all it was fun. I like new experiences. We went to a Bengals game a long time ago so this was my second NFL game. I like college better but it was fun. I love NBA the best. I am not a huge sports fan but enjoy watching and like some of the players especially if I know a little about them. I love the Buckeyes and was so happy last night they won the Rose Bowel.

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